Woman Dies Inside Lift As No One Comes To Rescue For 3 Days In Uzbekistan

The woman was found dead inside a lift after being trapped with no one coming to rescue her, the report said.

Pune woman and boy have narrow escape after elevator falls from 10th floor. (Representative image)

In a heart wrenching incident, a middle aged woman died in Central Asia after getting trapped inside a lift for three days.

Olga Leontyeva, a postwoman from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, was found dead inside a lift after being trapped with no one coming to rescue her, the reports said.

“Leontyeva screamed for help from the top floor of the nine-storey building, but unfortunately, no one heard her desperate pleas. Her family declared her missing on July 24 when she didn't return home after work. Despite their efforts to locate her, 32-year-old's body was discovered in the lift the next day, after an intense search,” reported The Mirror. 

The report said she is survived by a six-year-old daughter, who is now under the care of relatives.

“The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the incident. It was found that the Chinese-manufactured lift was in working order, although it had not been registered. The Regional Electricity Networks enterprise confirmed that there were no power cuts on the day of the incident, according to the outlet,” the report said.

It added: “Taking into account the statement of the residents, the cause of the tragedy was attributed to a malfunction in the lift.”

A similar incident occurred last week in Italy's Palermo, where Francesca Marchione, a 61-year-old woman, was found dead after getting trapped in a lift during a power cut, the report mentioned.

It added the power failure occurred on July 26, leaving the residential building in darkness. 

Emergency services were called to the scene, but tragically, they discovered Marchione's body inside the elevator, which was stuck between two floors, the report said.

It was revealed that the elevator doors were open, but she couldn't escape, it added.

It stated both cases are now being thoroughly investigated to determine the exact cause of the accidents and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.