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Texas Flood Crisis: 1,000 Evacuated, 700 Homes Flooded In Devastating Southeast Floods

Texas is facing widespread flooding, torn homes, and evacuations due to severe storms and relentless rainfall. Streets flooded, and families displaced tell the story of the recent natural disasters striking the Lone Star State.

Residents being rescued by the rescue team after flood hits Texas. Photo: AP

In the aftermath of severe storms and relentless rainfall, Texas is grappling with widespread flooding, torn homes, and evacuations. This week’s onslaught of inclement weather is the latest blow in a string of brutal events since early April, with tornadoes, hailstorms, and torrential downpours pummeling the state.

Communities north of Houston bore the brunt of the deluge, receiving nearly two months' worth of rain in a single day. Rising waters submerged roads, forced rivers to overflow, and prompted mass evacuations and water rescues.

Areas affected:

1. San Jacinto County: Floodwaters have inundated 100-200 homes, with evacuations underway. Officials fear additional rainfall could exacerbate the situation.

2. Walker County: Described as a "historic flood," the county faces severe inundation, with entire communities underwater along the Trinity River.

3. Polk County: Approximately 700 homes have been flooded, prompting mandatory evacuations for 1,000 residences. Concerns persist as rivers continue to rise.

4. Harris County: Mandatory evacuations are in force as the East Fork of the San Jacinto River approaches record levels. Major flooding is expected, endangering lives and property.

5. Liberty County: A newborn was airlifted to safety due to flooding-induced road closures, highlighting the dire circumstances.

Disaster declarations span over a third of Texas counties, with Gov. Greg Abbott extending relief measures in response to the unfolding crisis.

Texas remains on alert

Eastern Texas remains on alert as further rainfall is anticipated, exacerbating flood risks. Meanwhile, severe thunderstorms have spawned tornadoes in west Texas, compounding the state's woes.

Though reminiscent of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, this week's calamity, while severe, is geographically confined and less widespread. Nonetheless, the resilience of Texans is being tested once more as they confront nature's fury.