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Jason Kelce Mocks Brother Travis Kelce's Fashion Choices, Blames Taylor Swift's Cats: 'Now That's Funny!'

Jason Kelce adds a touch of humor to sibling rivalry, teasing Travis Kelce's fashion sense. From unconventional jeans to Taylor Swift's influence, the internet jumps on the playful banter!

Travis Kelce at a NBA playoffs game Photo: X

Jason Kelce has shared his opinions on his younger brother Travis Kelce's fashion choices, and the internet has stepped in too.

Travis Kelce was seen courtside alongside Kansas City Chiefs teammates Patrick Mahomes and Marquise Brown at the NBA playoffs game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks on May 26.

He wore a T-shirt with a single red apple, complemented by burgundy sunglasses and the notable jeans. Speaking of those jeans: They seem to be distressed in a checkered pattern, with rips running up and down both legs.

Online, people have gotten creative with their jokes about the peculiar pants. One person referred to them as "piranha jeans" due to their resemblance to having bites taken out of them. Another likened the pattern to diamond tread plates.

Jason Kelce retweeted a joke that humorously incorporated Travis Kelce's connection to Taylor Swift, a known cat enthusiast: "What the f--- did Taylor's cats do with his jeans." Swift is the proud owner of three cats.

Kelce expressed his amusement by commenting, "Now that's funny!"

Travis Kelce's fashion choices, especially his pants, have attracted attention in the past. Fans playfully compared the loose-fitting brown pants he wore in October to "Taylor Swift's curtains." Travis himself seemed unperturbed by the commentary, commenting on his Instagram post that the pants are "as comfy as they look!"

Likewise, Jason Kelce has previously shared his thoughts on cats. Kylie Kelce, Jason's wife, has expressed her desire to add a cat to their family of wolfhounds, but Jason hasn't been swayed.

"I told Jason that I want to get a cat," Kylie shared on an episode of the brothers' "New Heights" podcast in January. "And he told me no."

She mentioned to People magazine that she wouldn't go ahead with getting a cat without Jason “conceding a little before I pull the trigger.”

Perhaps he's just concerned that his jeans will end up resembling his brother's.