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Hundreds Arrested As Pro-Palestinian Protests Sweep US Campuses | Key Highlights

Protests erupting across US campuses in solidarity with Palestine have led to hundreds of student arrests, clashes with police, and disruptions to academic activities. Here are the key developments you need to know.

Pro-Palestinian Protest in New York
Pro-Palestinian Protest in New York | Photo: AP/Andres Kudacki

Over the past few days, a wave of pro-Palestinian protests has swept across college and university campuses in the United States, resulting in the arrest of hundreds of students. The demonstrations, sparked by the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, have escalated tensions and prompted significant disruptions to academic activities nationwide.

According to a calculated analysis by CNN, since April 18, over 1,500 students have been arrested in more than 30 colleges across the country. The protests have intensified, with clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement authorities becoming increasingly common.

Here Are The Key Developments:

  • Violence at UCLA:

    The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), witnessed a particularly volatile situation when a pro-Palestinian protest turned violent, leaving 15 individuals injured and requiring hospitalization. In response, UCLA cancelled several classes and transitioned to remote learning.

  • NYPD Crackdown:

    In New York City, the police have been actively arresting protesters, with notable incidents occurring at Fordham University, Columbia University, and the City College of New York. The total number of arrests in these locations exceeds 300, and law enforcement presence on campuses remains heightened.

  • Fordham University Tent Encampment Cleared:

    The New York City officers successfully cleared out a tent encampment at Fordham University after persistent demonstrations.

  • Arrests at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

    Thirty-four individuals, including professors, were arrested during an anti-Gaza war protest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The protest also resulted in injuries to four officers.

  • Arrests at University of Texas Dallas:

    Seventeen demonstrators were arrested for criminal trespassing at the University of Texas Dallas campus.

  • Northern Arizona University Arrests:

    Following protests on Tuesday night, 24 individuals, primarily students, were taken into custody by police at Northern Arizona University.

  • Portland State University Standoff:

    Students at Portland State University remained barricaded inside the library, attempting to prolong a power-in and power-out situation. The university cancelled classes for Wednesday in response.

  • Impact on Academic Calendar:

    The protests have led to the cancellation of commencements, a shift to remote classes, and restricted campus access, significantly disrupting the academic calendar.

  • Professor Support at Columbia University:

    Columbia University professors have voiced support for student protesters and condemned the actions of law enforcement on campus. Professor Rashid Khalidi criticized the university leadership's handling of the protests.

  • Response from Institutions:

    Institutions such as Brown and Northwestern have responded to protester demands by considering divestment from companies engaged with Israel, signalling a willingness to engage with student concerns.

  • Political Responses:

    Former President Donald Trump applauded the actions of New York police officers in raiding a Columbia University building occupied by pro-Palestinian students. President Joe Biden's administration is monitoring the protests closely, according to White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre.

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