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Finding The Balance: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Self-Care?

When we think about taking care of ourselves, things like relaxing baths, meditation, and forming good habits usually come to mind. However, surprisingly, do you know that excessive self-care can have negative consequences too?


The self-care movement has become a much-needed pit stop for many, and we know that you can relate to it too. From scented candles and soothing playlists to elaborate skincare routines and meditation apps, we're all on a quest for that elusive balance between serenity and chaos. But then, how much self-care is too much?

  • Bed rotting or are you just gaslighting yourself?

Bed rotting is something that is trending all over social media, and it simply means lying in bed, scrolling through your phone, and doing nothing. But, like, is it legit self-care or just a sneaky excuse for an all-day snooze fest? And not to forget how it can negatively impact your mental health and sleep schedule.

  • Keeping up with the face masks

The skincare industry has exploded, with face masks promising everything from eternal youth to unicorn-like radiance. But when your daily skincare routine requires more steps than a moonwalk, it might be a sign that you've entered the realm of skincare overdrive. How many layers of hydration does one face truly need, and are you sure you haven't accidentally summoned a skincare demon in the process?

  • Exercise, but in the right way!

Exercise is a fundamental part of self-care, but when your daily workout routine involves more contortions than a Cirque du Soleil performance, it might be time to pause and reflect.

  • Products hoarding

The allure of self-care products can be irresistible, from bath bombs to essential oils. However, the pursuit of well-being shouldn't be buried under an avalanche of beauty and wellness products.

  • Social media comparisons

In the age of social media, self-care can sometimes turn into a competition of who can showcase the most extravagant rituals. Constantly comparing your self-care routine to those of others on social media may lead to feelings of inadequacy and unnecessary pressure. And yes, it is a red flag!

So, as you soak in your bubble bath, apply your face mask, meditate on your magic carpet, and sip your green smoothie, ask yourself: Are you truly caring for yourself, or have you accidentally stumbled into a self-care circus? Remember, the sweet spot lies somewhere between sanity and sparkle. Find it, and you might just discover the true magic of self-care without crossing into the realm of 'too much.'