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Disneyland Guest Files Lawsuit, Alleges 'Goofy' Actor's Actions Led To Permanent Injuries

A Disneyland guest has filed a lawsuit alleging permanent injuries sustained after an incident involving a character actor portraying "Goofy." The lawsuit targets Disneyland, the actor, and the mascot's handler as co-defendants.

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Disneyland Goofy Photo: Getty Images

A Disneyland guest alleged that she sustained permanent injuries when an actor dressed as the popular character "Goofy" accidentally fell on her during her visit to the park.

According to SFGate, referencing a lawsuit filed with the Orange County Superior Court, Katrina Griffin was at Disney California Adventure Park with her daughter on April 3, 2022, when the "traumatic" incident occurred.

Reportedly, Griffin had stooped to tie her daughter's shoe when the Goofy character purportedly "walked directly," resulting in her falling onto the "hard cement."

The lawsuit, submitted in late March, asserted that the mascot subsequently collapsed onto Griffin "with all of his body weight."

Griffin asserts that she suffered “severe, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent injuries that necessitated significant medical care” following the incident.

Griffin did not provide a detailed list of her injuries.

The lawsuit identified Disneyland, the actor portraying Goofy, and the mascot's "handler" as co-defendants.

Employees at Disney Parks are designated as "handlers" for the mascots, responsible for ensuring guests' safe interactions with the characters. They also act as translators for the costumed performers, such as Goofy, who cannot speak.

According to SFGate, Griffin alleged that the handler neglected to avert the collision between her and the character.

Both cast members were not specifically named in the lawsuit and were instead listed as "John Doe 1" and "John Doe 2," as reported by KTLA.

The injured visitor is requesting a jury trial to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost earnings, the outlet reported. Additionally, she is seeking damages for negligence, contending that her injuries “will result in some permanent disability.”

A case management conference has been set for September 4.