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Blogger 'Turtleboy' Assaulted Outside Canton Bar Amidst Karen Read Trial | Controversy Explained

Recent events in Canton, Massachusetts have escalated tensions as blogger Aidan Kearney, known as "Turtleboy," faces assault outside a local bar amidst the controversial trial of Karen Read for second-degree murder.

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Blogger Aidan Kearney, Also Known As 'Turtleboy', Assaulted Outside Canton Bar CF McCarthy’s Photo: @doctorturtleboy/ X

Two people face assault charges following a heated altercation involving the blogger known as "Turtleboy" outside a bar in Canton, Massachusetts, on Sunday. Police responded to the incident outside CF McCarthy’s and D&E Pizza Sunday evening. Aidan Kearney, the controversial blogger, was present at the scene on Washington Street, as reported by media outlets.

These events occurred amidst heightened tensions in the town, coinciding with the ongoing high-profile trial of Karen Read. Read faces charges of second-degree murder for allegedly striking her police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe with her SUV in January 2022. Her defense team claims she is the victim of a conspiracy involving a law enforcement cover-up.

Aidan Kearney, who has extensively covered Karen Read's case and advocated on her behalf, is now facing legal issues of his own. He stands accused of intimidating and harassing witnesses connected to the case.

In a cellphone video captured by Kearney's girlfriend, a confrontation unfolds where a woman approaches Kearney and forcefully takes his phone. She confronts him, expressing frustration and accusing him of interference in her family's affairs, specifically mentioning the Alberts.

"Why are you so involved in my family's life? Why don't you mind your own business?" she questions him.

Kearney responds by alleging a theory supported by Read's defense team, suggesting that members of the Albert family were involved in the death of John O'Keefe and used their law enforcement connections to conceal it. O'Keefe's body was discovered outside the home of Brian and Nicole Albert, although the prosecution denies that O'Keefe was ever inside and refutes the claims involving the Alberts.

Two Canton residents, Jillian Daniels and James Farris, have been charged with assault and battery against Aidan Kearney following Sunday's altercation, confirmed by Canton police on Monday.

According to Kearney's girlfriend, Meredith O'Neil, the altercation occurred while they were having dinner at CF McCarthy's. Karen Read also went out drinking at this venue the night before John O'Keefe's death, when the situation got tense, as per reports.

These events unfolded just before what may be the final week of Read's trial. The defense concluded its case on Monday afternoon, with closing arguments anticipated for Tuesday.