Russia Warns France Against Sending Troops To Kyiv; Putin Faces Rare Protest | Latest On Russia-Ukraine War

Russia has warned France and stated that it will be ready to strike any French troops or military trainers in Kyiv if Paris were to send some. Meanwhile, Ukraine has removed the law with allowed Ukrainian males with dual citizenship to leave the country.

Russia Warns France Against Sending Troops To Kyiv; Putin Faces Rare Protest Photo: AP/AFP

As the Russia-Ukraine war intensifies, Moscow has warned France from sending in troops or military trainers to Kyiv. Meanwhile, Putin faced a rare protest from women outside the Defence ministry demanding the return of their male partners and relatives from the frontlines of the Ukraine war.

Russia-Ukraine War | Latest Developments

Russia 'Ready To Strike' French Troops If They Enter Kyiv

Amid talks between France and Ukraine regarding the deployment of troops, Russia has warned Paris that it will be "ready to strike" French troops. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said - "No instructor involved in training the Ukrainian military has immunity. It doesn’t matter whether they’re French or not".

Since the start of the Ukraine war, France has not sent in troops officially. However, Zelenskyy has suggested that Kyiv is in talks Paris to get French trainers for the military.

Putin Sees Rare Protest As Russians Demand Return Of Soldiers On Frontlines

A group of women knelt outside the Russian Defence Ministry on Monday to demand the return of their partners and relatives fighting on the frontlines of Ukraine.

As per AFP, 15 women, some with small children, assembled outside the ministry holding up hand-written placards saying "Bring my mobilised husband home".

This protest took place after Russia branded the organisation "Put Domoy" which calls for the return of the mobilised men, as a foreign agent under its law.

In a rare occurrence, officials from the Defence Ministry stepped out to meet with the women and told them that they could not bring back their relatives.

'No One Can Leave': Ukraine Issues Warning For Dual Citizens

The US Embassy in Ukraine has warned dual citizens that they will no longer be allowed to leave the country. This notice from the American embassy comes after the Ukrainian government removed the exception for men who have dual citizenships to leave the country.

"Previously, dual US-Ukrainian citizens in this group could enter and then depart Ukraine if they had deregistered their Ukrainian residency and registered their US residency. According to our information, this exception was revoked as of 1 June," reads the statement issued by the embassy.

This announcement also comes at the Ukrainian government works towards increasing the mobilisation across the country as the war with Russia continues.