US: Indian Student Found Dead In Cincinnati; Third Death Reported Within A Week | Details

Within a few months since last year's November, several other Indian students including Neel Acharya, Vivek Saini, Aaditya Adlakha, and Akul Dhawan have also been found dead in several states of the US.

Representational Image Photo: PTI

After the death of Neel Acharya, an Indian student who was pursuing studies at Purdue University yesterday, another Indian student has been found dead in Cincinnati. As per media reports, the cause of death is yet to be known. 

With this, the third death of an Indian student has been reported in the US within a week.

A day ago, an Indian Student, Neel Acharya, who was pursuing a double major in computer science and data science at the John Martinson Honors College of Purdue University, was confirmed dead, according to the officials. As per media reports, earlier on Monday, Neel's mother reported on social media that he had been missing since January 28.

Before Neel, in a brutal incident, 25-year-old Vivek Saini was hammered to death by a homeless man in a store in the state of Georgia. As per reports, Saini had recently completed his MBA in the US.

Saini was reportedly murdered by Julian Faulkner, a homeless drug addict whom he had been helping out for a couple of days before the fatal attack.

In November last year, 26-year-old Aaditya Adlakha, an Indian doctoral student at the University of Cincinnati, died after being shot inside a car in Ohio. Adlakha was a PhD student in the molecular and developmental biology program.

In January, Akul Dhawan, an 18-year-old Indian-origin freshman pursuing electrical engineering at the University of Illinois, was also discovered dead.

It was reported by his roommate that Dhawan went missing when the temperature was a bone-chilling -17 degrees Celsius.

Dhawan's body was later discovered in Champaign, Illinois, very close to the university campus.

According to the autopsy report, the changes in Dhawan's skin were consistent with hypothermia.