Chris Hemsworth Birthday: Nine interesting facts about the iconic Hollywood actor

Chris Hemsworth rose to fame when he took the role of God of Thunder within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and then further showed his versatility through numerous roles. As we celebrate his birthday today, here are nine facts that have remained lesser-known about Chris Hemsworth.


Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth

Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor, turns 40 today. Hemsworth has built his status as an iconic figure in the entertainment business with his impressive acting talent. He rose to fame as the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and later with his many parts displaying his range as an actor. On occasion of his birthday today here are nine fascinating facts that you didn’t know about the star actor–

  1. Chris Hemsworth made his acting debut on a soap opera

Chris Hemsworth made his acting debut in the Australian soap opera "Home and Away." He rose to fame in his native nation before moving to Hollywood because of his portrayal as Kim Hyde on the well-liked soap drama.


  1. Hemsworth has a tattoo which means the fool?

El Tonto, a Spanish phrase that elegantly translates to "The Fool," is written on Hesmworth's body. This written reminder is evidence of his will to have a positive outlook and avoid letting self-importance eclipse his true personality.

  1. Hemsworth is passionate about surfing

He fell in love with surfing while growing up in Australia, and he still enjoys the sport. Infact, most recently he was seen surfing on his 40th birthday.

  1. Hemsworth has a fitness app

Hemsworth released the fitness app Center in 2019 and makes training plans, nutrition advice, and mindfulness exercises available through it to help users reach their health objectives.


  1. For the role of Thor, he gained 20 pounds

Chris Hemsworth was required to gain at least 20 pounds of muscle when he was given the role of Thor in the Marvel Series. In order to seamlessly absorb the part and depict Thor's intimidating presence, this physical transformation was essential.

        6. Hemsworth has two brothers

Hemsworth has an older and a younger brother- Luke and Liam Hemsworth. They both work in the entertainment industry.

       7. He dislikes Paparazzi

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t like Paparazzis and becomes unsettled when encircled by paparazzi.

        8. He got into acting to financially support his family

In 2019, Hemsworth told Variety, "I loved film and TV, but it was like we had no money. I wanted to pay off their house, initially. That was my sort of thing."

         9. Hemsworth has five replicas of Thor's hammers within his residence, with one placed in his bathroom

Hemsworth in an interview has previously revealed that he has about 5 Thor hammers in his house including one in the bathroom. "Often people stay in there a little longer, and I think it's because of the hammer," he said.