China Records Its Highest Temperature Of 52.2C, Extreme Heat To Continue For Five More Days

Amid sweltering weather in China, they record a temperature of 52.2C on Sunday which has now set a record for July.

China Extreme Weather

China said that they recorded a temperature of 52.2C on Sunday as the country experience one of the hottest days yet. 

Earlier the highest record of temperature in China was 50.3C which has been smashed by the remote Sanbao Township in Turpan Depression, a deep mountain basin in Xinjiang this year.

According to the reports, the meteorologists in the country have predicted the extreme heat to continue for the next five days. 

To offer relief from the extreme weather, several Chinese cities opened air raid shelters for their citizens earlier this year.

Reportedly many employees were suggested to limit their outdoor work if the temperatures rise above the 40C temperature mark. 

The reports reveal that the northern areas of China have experienced the most hot days which includes the capital Beijing. 10 days of temperatures above 35C was recorded in Beijing this year which is said to be the longest heatwave since 1961. 

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, the planet earth has also registered its hottest week ever at the beginning of July. 

The UN body also mentioned that June was one of the hottest on record which has been the case due to climate change and the early stages of El Nino. 

The United States, Mexico and southern Europe have also experience heatwaves in recent weeks.

The anticyclone system Cerberus caused sweltering heat with 40C-plus temperatures in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

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