Renowned Investor Satya Komal Envisions A Future In Smart Water Metering And AI

Satya graced Kritsnam Technologies’ “Dhaara Smart” launch as a guest of honour.

Satya Komal
Satya Komal

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], January 12: The vast majority of VC returns, close to 97%, come from a select group of around 15 ventures. Breaking into the top ranks of VC performance as an angel investor or VC is highly challenging.

Satya Komal, renowned for his savvy investment approach, zeroes in on crucial startup success factors. He values a “robust founding team, tech innovation, targeting large markets, and a strong product/market fit, emphasising solutions that genuinely address customer needs."

Satya Komal N underscores, “ Water data will be crucial in the Future. Kritsnam's water solutions anticipated market potential is set to surpass a billion dollars in the next five years in India."

Kritsnam Technologie’s Groundbreaking Ultrasonic Flow Meter, a testament to scientific brilliance from IIT Kanpur, was meticulously crafted for industrial excellence. It is proudly Made in India and intricately tailored to water tracking needs. Embrace the future as Kritsnam revolutionises water tracking, finding a solution to age-old manual methods and ushering in an era of intelligent and efficient solutions.

Satya was honoured to inaugurate Kritsnam's renowned product 'Dharma Smart.' The occasion held extra significance, especially considering that the inaugural launch of the first product was led by the legendary B.V.R Mohan Reddy, Founder of CYIENT.

Kritsnam Funding was led by IIT Kanpur, BVR Mohan Reddy, the Founder Chairman of Cyient Ltd (EX- NASSCOM Chairman); Satya Komal N, Founder of Humpback Innovations LLP; Kunal Shah, Founder of (CRED); Sai Srinivas, Founder of (MPL Gaming); Hashvat Nakrani, Founder of  (BharatPe); Shantanu Deshpande Founder of (Bombay shaving company);  Ashish Gupta, Founder of Helion Ventures (; LetsVenture; Shalini Chabra, Managing Partner at 3i Partners and Incipia Advisors.

Satya Komal, an expert in successful exits, emphasises a strategic approach: contribute to growth or don't fund. His exit strategy involves foresight, adaptability, and lasting industry relationships, crafting a narrative for sustained value. 

Understanding sales and revenue is crucial for startups, with close collaboration pivotal. Navigating exits in the digital landscape is challenging.

Entrepreneurs must resist imprudent spending, align investor expectations, and strategically plan for sustainable revenue growth. Strong product/market fit, Business that genuinely addresses customer needs.

Satya Komal has had strong connections in sales and marketing teams over the years, which will help scale the revenues for startups in which he is involved. 

Satya Venture:

"Embarking on a new venture, Satya Komal introduces 'Satya Ventures,' an investment initiative centred on sustainability startups and AI services. This endeavour, based out of esteemed institutions in Silicon Valley and India's IITs, underscores Satya's commitment to fostering innovation at the intersection of sustainability and cutting-edge AI technology."

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