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Year-Ender 2023: How Vijay Varma’s Trendsetting Fashion Journey Was A Blend Of Elegance And Edge

In 2023, Vijay Varma has definitely turned his fashion game around. As the year comes to an end, let’s have a look at some of Vijay Varma’s most standout outfits which you surely must borrow for your wardrobes.

Vijay Varma

Vijay Varma has turned out to be a trendsetter when it comes to fashion in the past year. Whether it’s classic outfits or it’s edgy contemporary outfits, he has been a fashionista this year. His fashion palette is a perfect blend of elegance and edge and that is helping not just him but all his followers evolve their fashion sensibilities.

Being a trendsetter, Vijay Varma has time and again impressed everyone with his impeccable style. Whether it’s a pantsuit or a monochrome outfit, Vijay Varma never fails to hit the mark when it comes to flaunting a quirky yet modern style.

As the year comes to an end, let’s have a look at some of Vijay Varma’s most standout outfits which you surely must borrow for your wardrobes:

A Layered Look

Vijay Varma is known to go quirky. He sports a layered asymmetrical tunic, a lining blazer and a pant suit with so many colours in the blazer jacket. Everything stitches together so perfectly making it an unconventional yet fearless look. Looks like these make him stand out from the crowd. Ranveer Singh did that and today he is the king of quirky fashion. Very soon, Vijay Varma too will be joining the same league of fashion kings.

Reimagining The Pant Suit

Vijay Varma showcased unconventional looks in the previous pic, but here he goes more conventional. However, he breaks the monotony by sporting a chequered pantsuit. He definitely is someone who’s not afraid to experiment and push his boundaries. Outfits of this sort make you feel that he is ready for the big fashion leagues and there’s nothing stopping him from trying out new things.

Runway Vibes

Vijay Varma goes casual with this look. The denim ensemble makes you feel that style is not just for the red-carpet events but for regular events and parties as well. This stylish everyday fashion statement positions him as a style maven.

Classic Meets Contemporary

Vijay Varma exudes grace and sophistication with this uber-cool outfit. He sports a grey pantsuit. It somehow brings together modern elements and classic dressmaking together. It overall uplifts the entire look. People always try to find a perfect balance in an outfit, but they mismatch many times. But with this look, Vijay Varma has got that rightful midpoint where it looks subtle and yet so charming.

The Metallic Man

Vijay Varma never leaves a chance to impress when he is at an awards show, and when that happens to be the GQ Best Dressed Awards night, he sports something that’s so out-of-the-box. He sports a metallic striped jacket that is woven so beautifully. To add to that, he also has some matching wide-legged pants. He completes the look with a round-neck T-shirt. Breathtaking, we must say!

Monochrome Mastery

Vijay Varma can pull off anything, but he looks the best when he pulls off monochrome looks. His commitment is evident in this particular outfit as he sports a pristine white outfit. The textures in the fabric make the overall look come out so elegantly. The silhouettes may seem simple but they help to elevate even a basic look into something extraordinary.

Accessorising With Panache

Vijay Varma’s attention to detail is another key aspect of why he is considered a fashionista in today’s times. Sporting a blue blazer and coupling it with off-white trousers, he gets the perfect mix of basic concepts and timeless elegance. Add to that the silver hand bracelets and the neck chain make this look feel oh-so-stylish.

Which among these is your favourite look of Vijay Varma? Please share your thoughts with us.