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‘The Broken News 2’: 5 Compelling Factors That Make This Newsroom Drama Binge-Worthy

The new season of ‘The Broken News’ has finally been released on Zee5 after creating a lot of anticipation. Here are a few reasons why the show is a must watch and why it should be on your watch list.

A Still From ‘The Broken News 2’ Photo: Instagram

In the cutthroat world of media, where truth and sensationalism engage in a never-ending tug-of-war, and ‘The Broken News 2’ dares to expose the harsh realities of the media industry lurking beneath the glitz and glamour. The first season as well did the same, but this season pushes the boundaries to even further limits.

The series has ignited a firestorm of conversations on the state of journalism today. The new season starts with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” This thought-provoking statement sets the stage for a battleground of conflicting agendas within the media industry.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you shouldn’t miss binge-watching this must-see newsroom drama:

1. The Battle For Sach Vs. Sansani Intensifies In Season 2

If you thought Season 1 was the pinnacle of drama, think again! The second installment kicks off right where its predecessor left off – Radha Bhargava (Shriya Pilgaonkar) from the news channel Awaaz Bharti finds herself behind bars after a media onslaught orchestrated by her nemesis Deepankar Sanyal (Jaideep Ahlawat), the editor-in-chief of the leading right-wing news channel Josh 24*7. Amina  Qureshi (Sonali Bendre), the formidable leader of Awaaz Bharti, is determined to get her friend and colleague Radha out of jail. As the story unfolds, it’s not merely a clash of two voices but a three-way tug-of-war – the left (or rather the anti-right embodied by Radha), the right (Deepankar Sanyal), and the ideal, the unbiased, the center (Amina Qureshi). With three powerful contenders vying for dominance, the battle between Sach and Sansani escalates to unprecedented heights.

2. Performances That’ll Leave You Craving For More

The true tour de force of ‘The Broken News 2’ lies in its powerhouse performances that breathe life into the compelling characters. Jaideep Ahlawat as Deepankar Sanyal is a masterclass in nuanced acting, capturing the calculating, cunning, and unrelenting nature of a man driven by ambition and a thirst for ratings, even at the cost of compromising journalistic integrity. Sonali Bendre’s commanding presence as Amina Qureshi brings a much-needed voice of reason to the chaos, embodying the traits of a credible reporter unwavering in her commitment to ethics. Shriya Pilgaonkar’s raw and emotive performance as Radha Bhargava tugs at the heartstrings, reflecting the idealistic pursuit of truth in a world where sensationalism reigns supreme.

3. Spotlights The Brave Stories Of Reporters

Amidst the sensationalism and propaganda that plague certain corners of the media industry, ‘The Broken News 2’ shines a light on the indomitable spirit of truth-seekers. In the 2nd Season, we see Sonali Bendre’s character, Amina Qureshi, going to extraordinary lengths to uncover the truth behind opposition leader Pramod Parchule’s alleged funding from foreign crypto sources. Her determination to uncover the story, even in the face of threats to her personal safety, shows how these journalists risk their lives to bring forth the truth. Similarly, in the first season, we saw Radha Bhargava (Shriya Pilgaonkar) endure a two-month jail sentence for being branded “anti-national” by Deepankar Sanyal, all because she dared to stand on the side of truth. These characters remind us of the brave reporters who are willing to make sacrifices to uphold the principles of righteous journalism at any cost.

4. Unmasking The Media Industry And Knowing The Harsh Realities

The new season doesn’t hold back in revealing the harsh realities behind the media industry. It shows the stark contrast between two opposing forces in journalism. On one side, we see the noble pursuit of truth, fact-checking, and ethical reporting, represented by Ameena (Sonali Bendre). Her determination to present facts as they are, without sensationalism or bias, serves as a beacon of hope for the integrity of the profession. On the other hand, the series exposes the dark side – the ratings-hungry news channels that thrive on fearmongering, manipulation, and spreading half-truths to cater to specific agendas and boost viewership. Deepankar Sanyal’s (Jaideep Ahlawat) character embodies this disturbing trend, highlighting the depths to which some are willing to sink in the relentless pursuit of ratings. This contrast compels viewers to confront the harsh realities that shape the news they consume daily.

5. The Long-Awaited Sequel That Delivers On High Expectations

After leaving audiences craving for more following the resounding success of the first season, ‘The Broken News 2’ promises to deliver on those high expectations. With Vinay Waikul’s exceptional directorial skills this highly anticipated installment is totally worth your time. Set against the backdrop of a newsroom drama, Vinay Waikul’s tightly woven narrative keeps viewers hooked from start to finish, delivering a spellbinding sequel that surpasses the success of its predecessor. And what adds to the excitement of season 2 are new characters like that of Akshay Oberoi, Suchitra Pillai and Geetika Vidya to add more oomph and drama to the series.