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Shakti Arora Has Stopped Using Glycerin For Emotional Scenes

Actor Shakti Arora plays the lead role in the drama series 'Kundali Bhagya' airing on Zee TV.

Shakti Arora

'Kundali Bhagya' actor Shakti Arora revealed how he tries to be realistic while doing his scenes and avoids using glycerin in emotional sequences. He uses his inner feelings to do such scenes in the show.

Arora says, "I generally immerse myself completely into the character as well as the sequence so that I can give my best. In fact, it is very important for me to read the script before my shot as I need to plan exactly what I need to do and I need to think about channelling specific emotions to give the perfect take."

"In front of the camera, I put everything on the line and whenever I am shooting for such sequences, I never look at the monitor after performing the scene. I get a sense of how well I have performed and in case I am dissatisfied, I ask for another shot," he adds.

He further shared how he got so involved while shooting that he started to shed tears without using glycerin.

"While we were shooting for a recent emotional sequence, I truly felt the emotions of my character and I started shedding tears. The team had also kept glycerin on standby, however, I have stopped using glycerin for emotional sequences in this show as I am so much into the character and I try to channel my inner emotions to perform the sequence in the best way possible and that's what happened," he says.

"It was truly a special moment for us and I guess our bond has only grown offscreen after this heartwarming scene," he concludes.

'Kundali Bhagya' airs on Zee TV.

[With Inputs From IANS]

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