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Sarah Jane Dias: 5 Interesting Facts About The Former Miss India

Miss India 2007 title holder, actress and singer Sarah Jane Dias has stunned us with her on-screen presence but did you know these interesting facts about her beyond the entertainment industry?

Sarah Jane Dias Photo: Instagram

Known for her charismatic and memorable presence on-screen, Sarah Jane Dias has shown her skills in beauty pageant, acting and even singing. However, there is more to her beyond the glam sham of the industry.

We bring to you 5 interesting facts about Sarah that are indeed proof of a person being more than what appears to be. It is not just her talented and diverse performances on-screen that make her what she is, these out-of-the-industry aspects also contribute significantly to her comprehensive personality. All and all they make her more appreciable and remarkable. Without any more delay, let's jump right onto the facts:

1. The Middle East Connection

One of the most important factors that contributed to Sarah being a diverse and multifaceted personality is her upbringing. Contrary to the assumption of her Indian roots, she actually was born in Muscat (Oman). Then she moved to Bahrain and finally returned to India after that. Therefore, a significant chunk of her childhood has been in the Middle East.

2. Music

When you hear her name, your mind goes to the pageant and actress line for obvious reasons. But what goes unnoticed is her musical talent. Sarah is skilled at music composition, lyrics and expression through music. This adds to her creative soul and makes her more versatile at the fine arts.

3. The Yoga Instructor

With the fast paced and unhealthy lifestyle that we are stuck in, it is common for people to resort to certain means for inner peace and healthy lifestyle. Sarah, however, took it to another level by getting certified as a yoga instructor and a life coach. She focuses on her well-being and inspires several others to take steps towards a wellness filled life for themselves. Thus, evidently she is not just a model or an actress, she is also a committed individual to her health and an inspiration for others.

4. Highlighters

We have all used highlighters at least once in our life to illuminate the important points or mark keywords in our study material or documents. Many people have a passion for collecting things like rare stamps, coins or even stones but Sarah Jane Dias sets herself apart here as well. She is an avid collector of stationery highlighters. Doesn't this highlight the fact that she is a unique and colourful person indeed?

5. The Sweet Tooth

When we imagine a model and actress like Sarah, the last thing on our minds will be sweets in her diet. Of course, when we think of models we associate them with dieting to maintain themselves. Additionally, we recently talked about her commitment to her well-being via yoga, so how will we associate her with a sweet tooth? Well as surprising as it might sound, Sarah Jane Dias has irrevocable love for desserts ranging from chocolates to creamy ice-creams. This shows her balanced approach to life. She does focus on her health but often rewards herself with little sweet treats and steals that moment of happiness in life.

Sarah Jane Dias is no doubt an example of a personality with layers and shows us how a person can have multiple talents and hobbies beyond what is apparently seen. On the work front, Sarah Jane Dias was seen in 'Happy New Year', 'Inside Edge' and 'Made In Heaven 2'.

Which of these facts surprised you the most?