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Piyush Mishra: In ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’ It Was Difficult To Create A Comic Angle

“...Else it would be a very monotonous story,” says Piyush Mishra, who is coming up soon with the Zee5 film ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’. The film also stars Shweta Tripathi and Kunal Kemmu in lead roles.

Piyush Mishra

Piyush Mishra has been one of the most prolific actors in today’s times. Whether it’s a serious character or a comic character or a quirky one, he has always managed to give his own touch to the characters. He will soon be seen in ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’.

Talking to Prateek Sur, Piyush Mishra opens up about the film, what attracted him to do it, how much he picked up from his real life, and how different it was to create comedy for ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’. Excerpts from the candid chat:

What attracted you the most to be a part of ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’?

The thing that attracted me the most was the personality of Vipul Mehta, who is the director.

What about him?

Since he belonged to the theatre, I related to him after reading the script. I saw that it is a sensible comedy where a person is very kanjoos and because of this aspect, his family suffers a lot. This plot is explored beautifully and that attracted me the most. Also, the dialogues were well written, and the comedy and situations don’t come across as forced and flowed naturally.

Your character comes from a middle-class family who knows and realises the importance of every penny. How much do you relate to this aspect? And what kind of struggles have you witnessed while growing up?

Yes, such people are there and since I belong to a lower-middle-class family, I know that every penny counts. During our school times, there used to be quarrels in our family about school fees. I studied at Carmel Convent School and our family situation wasn’t good enough to send me to a convent school, but we were put into it and my family struggled a lot to gather my school fees so that I could study in that school.

Did the comedy angle come on naturally from such real-life experiences?

In ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’ it was difficult to create a comic angle or else it would be a very monotonous story. We have tried to create comedy in a couple of places like my character loves speaking English and speaks English in a very funny but sensible manner. He doesn’t make fun of the language but it comes across as funny.