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Mona Singh On Her Web Show ‘Kafas’: It Questions If Money Alone Enough To Not Stand Up For The Truth

The actress spoke about her role, and her equation with co-actor Sharman Joshi. 

Mona Singh

Mona Singh, who featured as Aamir Khan’s supportive mother in ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’, is playing a mother yet again in the recently-released Web-series ‘Kafas’ on SonyLIV. In the social drama, she is seen as Seema Vashisht. Directed by Sahil Sangha, ‘Kafas’ is adapted from the British miniseries Dark Money.

The actress, in an exclusive chat with Outlook India, opened up on her role, the show’s unique promotional strategy, and her equation with co-actor Sharman Joshi. Edited excerpts from the interview: 

‘Kafas’ adopted a unique promotional strategy with no trailers or teasers being released. What was the idea behind it?

I think the marketing guys thought about it. As actors, we did not know the idea behind it but whatever we did, was very intriguing. It just kept all the audience curious, and I was also getting a lot of calls about the tape on our mouths, wondering where we had taken money from. Everyone kept wondering what the show was about, it was very interesting to know that. So the unique promotional strategy really did work, and everyone has been keen to binge-watch the show. 

Considering the show clearly depicts the main characters’ mouths being shut with money, why did you decide to take up the role? 

Well, it was exciting as I have not been a part of something like this. It is one of its kind, and a social drama which revolves around the main characters, Seema and Raghav, and how their lives turn upside down when their son meets with a tragedy. Also, how they deal with it, do they pass the test of bridging justice to their children, their family. Also, is money alone enough to stay silent and not stand up for the truth. It also sparks a lot of questions about mental health, sexual assault. So yes, when I read the script, I loved it, and these are the stories that need to be told.

‘Kafas’ deals with several sensitive issues, including sexual harassment of males, paedophiles. As an actor, how did you prepare for such a role?

The good thing about web series is that when you are cast, you atleast have three months of rehearsals to go on the floor on shoot. We had the script, ready with dialogues and screenplay - which works best for an actor. Sahil, Sharman, the kids and me, we had multiple readings. So when you go on the shoot, you are in the skin of the character. It just works best to rehearse well. 

How was it to work with the cast - Sharman Joshi, Vivan Bhatena and others?

Sharman, I have worked with him in ‘3 Idiots’. We kept talking and reminiscing about the time of ‘3 Idiots’ and the fun we had during the shoot. It was great. The kids are so talented, and sharp. Sometimes shooting with kids takes a while, but these kids - MIkhail and Tejaswi - both are super talented. 

Since the project is an adaptation of ‘Dark Money’, do you think it’s easy or difficult to be part of the show which is already seen by others?

See, I have not seen it, and there would be many more people who might not have seen it like me. This is for our Indian audience. I am sure people would watch the show before watching ‘Dark Money’.