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Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of The Week: Jimin, Jung Kook Dominate The Charts, aespa's 'Supernova' Debuts At No.4 Position

BTS members continue to rule the charts, aespa's new single makes it on to the charts, here are the top 10 k-pop songs of the week.

Jimin, aespa Photo: Instagram

Week by week we are witnessing the magic of a strong fandom as Jimin and Jung Kook's singles are not taking the name of leaving their positions of the weekly charts. Yet another week for Jimin's 'Like Crazy' on the top position with the streak of 60 weeks of being on the charts. Jimin's other singles including 'Closer Than This', 'Set Me Free Pt. 2' and 'Like Crazy (English Version)', have also managed to stay back on the charts for another week.

Riding in the same boat, is Jimin's fellow BTS band member, Jung Kook. His singles, '3D', 'Seven' and 'Standing Next To You' have also made it on the charts this week, yet again. Overcoming these songs, there is 'Magnetic' by ILLIT with a streak of 8 weeks now. It has dropped down 2 positions to number 6, owing to a new release from aespa.

'SPOT!' by Jennie and Zico, which was released a couple weeks back has retained itself on the charts, but has dropped down 2 positions and is at the number 7 position this week. The highlight of the week is, however, 'Supernova' from girl-group aespa which is on number 4 position this week right after its release.

It is indeed engaging to watch how long Jimin and Jung Kook manage to hold off their number of streaks on the charts and in the hearts of their fans. But with the inclusion of various other songs throughout the weeks like 'Fortnight', 'Magnetic, 'Heya', 'SPOT!', etc, the south korean music listeners are putting out a varied liking towards newer artists and songs as well.

Without anymore words, here are the Top 10 K-Pop songs for your playlists:

1. 'Like Crazy' - Jimin (647,132 Streams)

2. 'Seven (Ft. Latto) (Explicit Ver.)' - Jung Kook, Latto                  (423,120 Streams)

3. 'Like Crazy (English Version)' - Jimin (362,053 Streams)

4. 'Supernova' - aespa (317,683 Streams)

5. 'Set Me Free Pt. 2' - Jimin (314,150 Streams)

6. 'Magnetic' - ILLIT (301,073)

7. 'SPOT!' - ZICO, JENNIE (299,711 Streams)

8. '3D (Ft. Jack Harlow)' - Jung Kook, Jack Harlow                          (274,182 Streams)

9. 'Closer Than This' - Jimin (249,797 Streams)

10. 'Standing Next To You' - Jung Kook (220,389 Streams)