Friday, Aug 12, 2022

The Best Of Both Worlds: How Hussain Dalal Juggles Between Acting And Writing

Actor turned writer Hussain Dalal discusses his career choices and explains how both acting and writing are a part of storytelling process.

Hussain Dalal will be seen in the upcoming movie 'Homecoming.'
Hussain Dalal will be seen in the upcoming movie 'Homecoming.'

Writer and actor Hussain Dalal, who will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Homecoming’ opened up about why acting and writing are interconnected for him and how he enjoys both of them thoroughly. 

In an interview with Outlook, he says, “For me acting and writing are interconnected and they are both part of the storytelling process. If I tell the story with my own body or if somebody else tells my story in their body they are both connected. For me, it's not like they are different professions.”

Talking about how both writing and acting are forms of communicating stories he says, “Sometimes you ride a bike sometimes you drive a car, essentially you are going from one place to another.”

The 32-year-old actor explains that he does not need to prioritize between acting and writing as he just needs to make the choice wisely. He adds, “I have been choosing well. The kind of films I write are commercial cinema and the movies I act in are a little more small scale. Both take their required time and so I have to choose wisely.”

Although, the writer who has written the script for movies like 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' and ‘Brahmastra’ says that writing in itself is a priority as it automatically takes months and months to write.

The actor who made his Instagram reel debut recently revealed that, although he loves Instagram he is an “internet shy” person. Talking about how he does not need Instagram’s definition of what he is or how he is as a person, he says, “Instagram cannot tell if I'm having fun. I want to be in a place where I don't want the internet to tell me if I'm a good person or If I’m good looking and having fun in my life.”


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The writer who was last seen in the movie 'Toofan'  has a slew of projects lined up said that he does not have the investment of time for Instagram. “I love Instagram. I don't have the time with my schedule. I love it and I also want to get endorsements on instagram and talk about brands but I'm not being able to give the investment of time.”

Talking about how he wants to do a series on Instagram reels, he says, “I will only say something (on Instagram)  if it's fun and, I want to do a bunch of series on reels and I think its funny and I think I'll try to do it.”