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Here’s How Sara Ali Khan Has Embraced And Impressed With Small-Town Characters

Sara Ali Khan may be the Western hep kind of a girl in her personal life, but in her onscreen avatars, she is mighty rooted in her Indianness. Here’s how she has embraced small-town characters on screen and has left everyone impressed with her acting prowess.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan is one such actress who believes in standing out from the crowd and is recognised for playing a variety of characters from various small towns across the country. No one from her generation can pull off the character of a small-town bubbly girl better than Sara. Her ability to play a small-town girl is truly unmatched, and the genre seems to be tailor-made for her.

Despite being a star kid, Sara Ali Khan has managed to become one of Bollywood’s most promising young female starlets currently. Through her performances, the talented actress has grabbed the hearts of millions, and as a small-town girl, she constructs performances that naturally connect with the audience.

This was evident in her debut film, ‘Kedarnath’, where she played a basic small-town girl character, Mukku, and amazed audiences and admirers with her performance. Sara has dazzled audiences with her performance in such a way that the character has etched itself into the hearts of the audience for all time.

Next up she played a small-town Goan girl in ‘Simmba’. She got the perfect feel of a Goan youngster who doesn’t shy away from speaking her heart out. She had to match the powerful screen persona of Ranveer Singh, and she did that perfectly.

Following ‘Simmba’, she played a couple of city girls in ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and ‘Coolie No. 1’, and both films bombed so badly that they still remain big blots in her career. Also, both were remakes, which even further pushed her away from doing remakes.

After learning a lesson from these two failures, the actress played Rinku, a small-town sweet girl from Bihar in ‘Atrangi Re’. The actress once again proved her talent and captivated the audiences with her performance of a small-town girl, especially in the emotional track, which she represented perfectly. Sara's performance became a memorable and well-received one. The film received a bit of criticism for showing mental illness in a light-hearted way, but somehow people started liking the story overall.

Sara is not just stuck to the personality of a simple bubbly girl, the actress explored different layers of a small-town girl in ‘Gaslight’, where she played a physically disabled girl Misha from a small town in Rajasthan. The actress transformed herself into the skin of the character brilliantly and aced all the layers of that character hence proving her versatility as an actress.

In her most recent film, ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’, which is currently in theatres, the actress plays a Punjabi married woman from the city of Indore. Sara wowed the audience with her natural performance, and they praised Sara's portrayal of Soumya Chawla as they can relate to her feelings.

This proves that not many other actresses can play the role of a small-town girl better than Sara Ali Khan. Sara owns this genre of character and has continued to impress the audiences with her performance as a small-town girl as they found her performance relatable to them.

On the work front, she has ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’, ‘Metro... In Dino’, ‘Murder Mubarak’ and Jagan Shakti's untitled project. Let’s wait and watch if these films have her in small-town characters or if will she once again go back to playing the big-city girl, which she actually is in real life.