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Here Is Why Korean Drama ‘W-Two Worlds Apart’ Should Be On Your Binge-List

Tata Play’s Videshi Kahaniyan brings the Korean Drama ‘W-Two Worlds Apart’ dubbed in various Indian languages for the first time.

W - Two Worlds Apart

Filled with twists and revelations, and a swoon-worthy romance like no other, the Korean drama ‘W - Two Worlds Apart’, was one of the most celebrated Korean titles that led to a solid fanbase in India. Tata Play’s Videshi Kahaniyan, which promises to bring compelling K-Dramas in Pan-Indian languages for the first time ever, released ‘W - Two Worlds Apart’ in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada recently.

While the series has already become a global phenomenon, here are five more reasons why you must watch this K-drama:

Available In Pan-Indian Languages

Tata Play always aims to entertain the audience and understands their pulse. Looking at the popularity of K-drama, the brand has introduced these high-rated K-Dramas in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. While viewers might have watched the series in English or Hindi, Tata Play’s initiative for the first time will allow them to indulge in their favourite Korean content dubbed in South Indian languages.

Captivating Storyline

A fantasy-thriller at heart, W explores the lead actor as a fictional manga character, existing solely in the world of his webtoon, until one day he starts resisting fate, as his story is being written by someone else. In popular culture where fictional characters live on through their fans (through fan fictions, cosplays), even after a show, book or movie ends, this K-drama visualises what would happen if the characters themselves wanted to live on, or started acting on their accord refusing to yield to the will of their creator.

Incredible Cast

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk are celebrated for their fairytale on-screen chemistry. Their characters are seen assisting each other in surviving in their respective worlds so that they could each find a way out and learn why this is happening to them. Despite being a thriller drama, the romance will make you fawn all over and make your belief in fantasy love even stronger.

Two Dramas In One

The drama series is set in two different worlds - while one is the author's home, the other is the character’s world. Due to the two parallel worlds, each with its own set of characters and events, the series makes the viewer feel as if they were watching two dramas at once, which is a deal anyone would be willing to sign for.

Appealing Visuals

How will you know which world the story takes place in, you ask? Every scene is dramatically affected by the seamless transition from vivid webtoon animation to live-action drama. The clash between the real world and the world of webcomics is one of the biggest highlights of this popular K-Drama.