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Gulshan Devaiah: Taapsee Pannu Has A Very Practical Process As An Actress; As A Producer, She’s Got A Clear Vision For What She Wants

Gulshan Devaiah speaks about working in Taapsee Pannu’s debut production venture, ‘Blurr’. He also talks about how she is different when as an actress and when as a producer.

Gulshan Devaiah

Gulshan Devaiah and Taapsee Pannu are coming together for 'Blurr' on Zee5. This is Taapsee Pannu’s first production venture, and the film has got great word-of-mouth on social media. The film shows Taapsee Pannu in a double role, and the trailer has been loved by all and sundry. The film is set to be directly released on OTT on December 9.

Devaiah speaks to Prateek Sur about the shoot of ‘Blurr’, how he got caught up in one particular scene and they had to reshoot it again. He also describes how Taapsee Pannu is different as a producer than she is as an actress. Excerpts from the chat:

While shooting was there any particular moment or scene that shocked you?

Yes, there was a simple scene between me and Taapsee at a restaurant but I just couldn’t perform. I think I was tired and my brain shut down. I can do scenes like this in my sleep but that day I needed sleep more than anything. It wasn’t shocking but I was surprised that I wasn’t able to perform what I’d say was an easy scene. We had to stop and start over another day.

How different is Taapsee Pannu as an actor and a producer? Please elaborate. What is her process like?

I never had to deal with Taapsee the producer because she was only focused on her acting and her part. She has a very practical process as an actor and that involves making very clear choices. As a producer too, she gives out the idea that she’s got a clear vision for what she wants to do and achieve.

How was your experience shooting with Ajay Bahl, how did he help you bring alive your character?

Ajay is a good director and is very helpful on set giving directions. He did help me make some choices in scenes that were helpful to understand his vision. I liked working for him. I’d love to do it again.