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Gudi Padwa: 'Gulabi Sadi' To 'Nauvari' - 5 Songs Which Will Get You Grooving As You Make Your Festive Reels

The Marathi-Konkani new year, Gudi Padwa is here already. Have you decided the song that will best suit your Gudi Padwa outfit reel? Here are some suggestions:

Gudi Padwa Photo: MagicBricks

The festival of Gudi Padwa is widely celebrated in Maharashtra and Goa, marking the beginning of Hindu New Year. The Marathi and Konkani natives celebrate the festival with Gudis, authentic food and most importantly the Maharashtrian outfits like sarees and nath.

However, to best suit your reels that show your dazzling get ups for the festival, you need a perfect grooving song. For a couple of years the Marathi music industry has given us some hit, viral tunes to show off your dancing skills and outfits. Here is a list of 5 such songs that will make your Gudi Padwa reel superhit:

1. 'Gulabi Sadi'

The song has become such a sensational hit that every other reel you scroll through Instagram is 'Gulabi sadi ani laali laal laal'. With the melodious vocals of Sanju Rathod, the song has the perfect beat and even lyrics to show off your sarees this festive season.

The song even got Remo Dsouza and actress Madhuri Dixit dancing to it, what are you waiting for?

2. 'Baharla Ha Madhumas'

Probably the trendiest song from 'Maharashtra Shaheer', it made people go crazy over the unique tuning. The kind of softness in the beats of the song coupled with sweetness of Shreya Ghoshal's voice is 'the fit' for your trendiest Gudi Padwa looks. The song helmed by popular composers Ajay-Atul can prove to the needed addition to reels made by adults and even small girls. The hook step of the song also went very viral owing to its catchy yet simple touch to the song.

The trend also reached bollywood and many famous faces from the marathi industry grooved to the hook step. Marathi actress Amruta Khanvilkar shared a reel on the song on the very occasion of Gudi Padwa last year. Child actress Myra Vaikul also shared her cute dance on the reel.

3. 'Nauvari'

Another smashing hit from Sanju Rathod, 'Nauvari' won the hearts of natives with its relatable lyrics and complimenting music. Giving the vibes of authentic marathi romance and traditions, the song instantly struck the beats of audience and is guaranteed to give a 'wow' factor to your reels!

4. 'Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla' 

Another smashing hit delivered by Shreya Ghoshal featured it one of the superhit marathi movies 'Sairat' and became a sensation overnight. Even though it released in 2016, the song till date remains the grooviest to show your 'patakha' style. Starting off with soft vocals, the song picks up the pace and turns into a strong rhythm that will perfectly show your soft yet confident style in a saree.


You can make a slow motion video on the soft vocals like actresses Gauri Kulkarni and Apurva Gore from 'Aai Kuthe Kay Karte' or make you own 'goggle on saree' reel with the hook lyrics of the song.

5. 'Apsara Aali'

The iconic example of an evergreen song is 'Apsara Aali' released back in 2010. The song had such strong marathi vibe with traditional music that it is going to stick with the audiences for at least a couple more years. The song is composed by Ajay-Atul and sung by Bela Shende for 'Natrang'. Sonalee Kulkarni who featured in the song set the stage for generations to come to associate the song with their saree looks.

So which song are you grooving to this Gudi Padwa?