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Go Beyond The Classics To Explore The Literary Brilliance Of India's Upcoming Authors

Here are a few upcoming authors whose books you wouldn’t want to miss listening to on Audible.

New Age Authors

Do you wish to step into a world where stories don't just unfold on pages, but come alive through your headphones? Then get ready to embark on this journey with some of India's up-and-coming authors who are turning their gripping tales into lively audio experiences. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply relaxing, you can now tune in and let your imagination run wild as these wordsmiths guide you through their riveting worlds. They are not just writing stories, they're narrating experiences, and you're invited to press play and get lost in their world.

Have a look:

Novoneel Chakraborty is a renowned writer acclaimed for crafting more than 10 captivating romantic thrillers. Widely recognized as India's foremost thriller novelist, he is lauded for his distinctive narratives and unexpected turns. His narratives often delve into the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and the enigmatic realms of suspense. Often dubbed the 'Sidney Sheldon' of India by his avid readers, Novoneel is a versatile professional active in Indian television, digital media, and the film industry. Among his notable literary achievements are well-received titles such as ‘You Die Alone,’ ‘Whisper To Me Your Lies,’ and ‘Half Torn Hearts’ to name a few, each a testament to his mastery of blending romance and suspense into compelling literary experiences.

Renowned for her bestselling novel ‘That Night,’ Nidhi wears multiple hats as an engineer and a headhunter. She balances her intrigue for thrillers and engaging in lively interactions with her boys. For those seeking an immersive experience, Nidhi's literary creation 'That Night' is also available in an audiobook format on Audible, offering an auditory journey that complements her distinctive narrative style. Her characters are thoughtfully etched, each layered with emotions and depth that resonate with her readers' own experiences.

Ajay K Pandey

Ajay shifted from aspiring to be a teacher to an IT career. Reading fuels him and perhaps what makes him feel alive. His debut, ‘You Are The Best Wife,’ was based on his life events and went on to become a bestseller soon after its release. It uplifts hearts to cherish love, peace, and happiness in every moment. His works include ‘Everything I Never Told You,’ ‘A Girl To Remember,’ ‘Her Last Wish’ among many more, all available on Audible. In each of these literary endeavors, Ajay's storytelling encapsulates the essence of cherishing every moment, instilling a profound message of embracing love, peace, and happiness in the fabric of our lives.

Arvind Parashar

Arvind is a former corporate leader who hails from Dehradun. Despite a career with giants like GE, Dell, and Barclays, he chose an unconventional path, leaving his corporate role as Vice President to pursue writing. With five English books, Arvind's penchant for thrillers fuels his experimentation. Notably, he channels his creativity into painting and supports various social causes. As an active figure on social media, he also aspires to expand his creative endeavors and see his work embraced by discerning readers nationwide. He’s authored some exceptional books like ‘Messed Up! But All for Love’ His latest title is ‘Not Without Your Love,’ and can be accessed on Audible.

Swéta Rana

Swéta Rana was born into a Gujarati family in Birmingham and now resides in south London. Swéta's passion for writing has flourished since childhood, encompassing fiction, film reviews, and articles on Indian culture. Her debut novel, ‘Queuing for the Queen’ emerges as a testament to her creative prowess; readers can avail this novel on Audible as well.