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From Mathhew Perry To Janhvi Kapoor, How Celebs Are Trying To Find Love On Raya Dating App

With the news that Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor is using the dating app Raya, here are some Hollywood stars who made it to the dating app way before.

Celebrities on the dating app Raya.

Raya, which was launched in 2015, has quickly become the A-listers' go-to dating app. Members may expect to see celebrities from Bollywood, such as Janhavi Kapoor and Neha Sharma, as well as actors and singers from Hollywood, such as Nial Horan and Noah Centino. Raya is an ultra-exclusive dating app for the affluent and famous, with a 100,000-strong waiting list. However, being renowned isn't enough to gain entry, and there is a rigorous vetting process in place – only 8 percent of applicants are accepted. Here are a few Hollywood celebrities to swipe right on Raya.

Mathhew Perry

According to reports Mathhew Perry started using Raya app after he split with his fiancée Molly Hurwitz, who he had been dating since 2018. In 2020, a 19-year-old TikTok user Kate Haralson matched with Perry and she also released footage of their video chat. According to Dailymail, in the 16-second video, Perry is seen smiling as he asks his potential date, 'Do you always play with your hair this much?' to which she responds, giggling: 'I guess so.' Haralson, who said Perry asked her at one point, 'Am I as old as your dad?'. She also revealed that she felt 'uncomfortable' at times during their call.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck too was spotted on the dating app when Nivine Jay, a TikToker who matched with him on Raya, had rejected him. As reported by Dailymail, Jay explained what happened, writing: 'Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram.'

Noah Centino

Noah Centino before dating Alexis Ren for a year, had signed up for all kinds of Dating apps. He also used Raya, and according to Elitedaily had said, "I used Raya for a little while, but I deactivated it. It's just, for me, I'd rather meet people doing things that I enjoy doing, because then we already have similarities between us."

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato decided to join Raya following her 2016 split from Wilmer Valderrama. "I put myself out there because I was ready to date," Lovato told Billboard during a March 2018 interview. "And I went on a few Raya dates, and they went well. Now I've become really good friends with some people I met on there."

Olivia Rodrigo

The famous singer Olivia Rodrigo was also a part of the dating app. The singer told GQ in September 2021, "I had Raya for a second, and it was so vomit," so it's safe to say the teen crooner found love elsewhere.

Drew Barrymore

During her September 2020 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Drew Barrymore discussed her experience on the dating app. “I did terribly, too,” she told Andy Cohen. “I got stood up, and I didn’t match with anyone. And my friends gave me this sort of bloated sense of false confidence. They were like, ‘You should try it. You will do great.’ It was a car wreck.”

Niall Horan

Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld spilt in 2018 after which according to reports Horan was spotted on a dating app.

One of the sources as reported by Elitedaily said, "When his profile started popping up on Raya, it became clear that he's single and back on the dating scene".