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7 'Feel Good' Movies To Lift Your Mood, From Dear Zindagi To 3 Idiots

Here are 7 Indian movies that will lift your serotonin level instantly. Check if your favourite movie made to the list

7 'Feel Good' Movies To Lift Your Mood, From Dear Zindagi To 3 Idiots

It's important to let you know from time to time that there is always a reason to be happy. No matter how hard it is to sail today, there is a seashore ahead.

Life is better with a smile and when that smile is just a tap away, it is even better. Every impressive movie has its own charm, they varies from cuddly romantic, tear-jerking to eerie horror, edgy thrillers and hilarious melodrama. But, the rare gems are those which leave a lasting impact. These movies are categorised as "feel-good" movies because no matter how old they get, they are never stale. The script, dialogues, characters are written beautifully.

It's weekend but the gloomy nights in winter and the covid pandemic coerce you to stay indoors. Before you nod making a scrunchy face, we've got the weekend officially sorted for you.
Here are 7 Indian movies that will lift your serotonin level instantly. You can either watch them alone or with a companion on the major OTT platforms.

7. Baadshah (1999)

Let's start with the oldest one, Baadshah stars SRK, Twinkle in lead roles. Happy, sad, confused, bored - Baadshah is not just a movie, it is a mood. This epic movie never fails to make you laugh, no matter if you've already seen it more than a dozen times. In this comedy-action flick, SRK plays a private detective who saved multiple lives with hilarious twists and turns. His love interest (Seema) accompanies him in the whacky journey. The perfect dialogue delivery, interesting plot add to the glory.

6. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008)

The film began in the present day and runs in flashback. This movie fits-in to the list of 'iconic airport scenes' in Bollywood movies. It is a romantic comedy, portraying the friendship between Jai and Aditi who are unaware that they are soulmates for life. They realise their love for each other when jealousy and lack of comfort start ruining their friendship after they date other people.

5. Wake up Sid (2009)

A pampered, spoilt brat with an affluent family business realises his dreams when he decides to leave his house after a verbal spat with his father. His roommate Aisha becomes his companion who helps Sid chase his dreams and discovers her own too in the following journey.

4. 3 Idiots (2009)

All Izz Well? If not, then watch the movie. Based on novel 'Five point someone', 3 Idiots chronicles the life of engineering students in India. It draws attention to various aspects; from the flawed education system to parents forcing their decisions on their children. Apart from life lessons, it gives major friendship goals, embellished with witty dialogues and mesmerising songs.

3. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (2013)

Friendship, love, heartbreaks, career, wedding - This 3-hour movie is a complete dose of entertainment. This narrates the fascinating journey of 4 friends on a trip who makes life cherishing memories on the way back. The famous dialogue, "Life mein kuch bhi karo bunny, kuch na kuch reh hi jata hai"(No matter how hard you try some things are left undone in life) not only gave us a lesson but it also made us believe to learn the art to 'cease the moment' rather than running and leaving the happiness covered under the blanket of regrets.

2. Dear Zindagi (2016)

The name has it all - Dear Zindagi is a cult classic that will switch your mood automatically to the happy mode. Stellar performances, impressive dialogues, and catchy songs, leave a lasting impact on the viewers. Every time you watch it gives a new vision of life (Zindagi)

1. Qareeb Qareeb Single (2017)

Irrfan Khan is gone but his impactful acting and attractive personality will put a smile to anyone's face. Qareeb Qareeb Single was released in 2017 and is amongst the most underrated movies. The story revolves around two single adults, Jaya and Yogi. The only string which holds these two polar personalities together is the search for a companion. After losing her husband, Jaya decides to stay single but after constant peer pressure she decides to sign up on an online dating app where she meets Yogi, who is a poet and a 'living the moment' person, who helps her to move on in life.

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