Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

Debina Bonnerjee Hits Back At Trolls Who Slammed Her For Handling Her Child Carelessly

Actress Debina Bonnerjee has responded to the trolls who attacked her for carelessly carrying her infant in a video she shared a few days ago.

  Debina Bonnerjee
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Actress Debina Bonnerjee, who gave birth to a baby girl on April 3, has finally hit back at all the trolls who lambasted her for carelessly cradling her infant in a video she shared a few days earlier.

Bonnerjee had shared a clip, for the uninitiated, in which she is seen carrying her kid in one arm and singing to her favourite Elvis Presley song. What many did notice, though, was the manner in which she carried the infant.

"Celebrities are so preoccupied producing reels that they don't even follow simple methods to handle a newborn," one person remarked. Another person wrote, "Ma'am, I like you greatly, but why are you carrying the kid so carelessly? I know you are a wonderful mother. Your infant is too little to be held in this manner. Much love to you both." 

Bonnerjee reacted to everyone, including those who continued to criticise her for referring to her mother-in-law as aunty rather than mummy.

She said, "You have so many questions!! Why do I hold my infant in this position... Why do I refer to my mother-in-law as aunty rather than mama... Have any more questions? All I can tell is that I am encircled by a few pairs of protecting hands that say everything is ok (sic).”

Bonnerjee just celebrated her first Mother's Day with her kid, which she described as particularly meaningful. 

She added with her images, "Happy Mother's Day to all of you! And to my mother, who is my rock, flawlessly leading me through this path (at all phases), what would I have done without you? And to my mother-in-law, who is the best breather and always trusts me (sic).”

The actress continued, "The journey of motherhood was made easy by my husband @guruchoudhary by being there at all times when my body tires. And @lianna_choudhary for making me a mother. You are my life my little darling (sic)." 

On the work front, Bonnerjee has appeared in a number of famous television programs, including 'Ramayan', 'Chidiya Ghar', 'Santoshi Maa', and 'Tenali Rama'.