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Amid Backlash, Dialogue Writer Manoj Muntashir Says There’s A Political Conspiracy To Undermine ‘Adipurush’

Manoj Muntashir explained the idea behind crafting the characters of Hanuman and Lord Rama in the film.

A Still From Adipurush

After receiving severe criticism over the dialogues in the film ‘Adipurush’, the makers of the recently released film announced that they will be rewriting the lines as a mark of respect to the audience. A statement by them read as, "Making this visual spectacle a memorable cinematic experience, the team decides to make alterations to the film's dialogues, valuing the input of the public and the audience."

Now ‘Adipurush’ dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir, who has also been in the eye of the storm, mentioned that the filmmakers’ decision to change objectionable lines of dialogue is a sign of ‘bravery’, considering the ‘logistical nightmare’.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, he explained the idea behind crafting the characters of Hanuman and Lord Rama in the movie, and said, “When you watch the film, you will have no complaints. You will realise that Hanuman was a childlike character. He wasn’t philosophical like Rama. Yes, Hanuman was wise, he was strong, he was intelligent, but when he spoke, he spoke like a child, and that is how we’ve approached the character. Having said that, my depiction of the character shouldn’t be written in stone.”

A day after the release, the film starring Kriti Sanon, Prabhas, Sunny Singh and Saif Ali Khan, stirred controversy over its dialogues specifically regarding the Lanka Dahan scene where Lord Hanuman is heard mouthing the lines "jalegi bhi tere baap ki" to Meghnad.

Responding to the complaints about the use of colloquialisms in Hanuman’s dialogue, Manoj Muntashir added that a political conspiracy is afoot to undermine his achievements, he said, “I am a simple man. I am a family man, I live with my parents. What could they possibly have against me? But you will notice that only a certain party’s ministers have raised complaints about me.”

While it’s true that opposition leaders have lashed out at ‘Adipurush’, members of the ruling BJP too have voiced their concerns about the film’s content. 

“Parties and leaders that were previously against Lord Rama and questioned his existence, they protested against the construction of the Ram Mandir, but suddenly they’re projecting themselves as his biggest devotees? People need to understand this,” he said. 

‘Adipurush’ has made more than Rs 350 crore globally so far.