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7 Times When Saif Ali Khan Gave Us Some Of His Nawabi Style Inspiration

The Stylish Nawab! Take a look at some of the times when Saif Ali Khan gave us style inspiration that we want to add to our wardrobes right away.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan is the epitome of style and sophistication. His being a Nawab just adds to the class and stature even more. Whenever he walks out of his house, whether it’s a party or a promotional or just to take a stroll in the gardens of his palace, he is always seen flaunting his impeccable taste in fashion.

Here’s taking a look at a few times in recent times when he gave us some fantastic style inspiration that we want to add to our wardrobes just about now:

Red Sea Festival

In a sharp white bandh gala with a red pocket square, those trademark glares and that swag, Saif was royalty personified as he represented Indian cinema on a global stage in Saudi Arabia.

House Of Pataudi Store Launch

The classic pair of Indian brogues, with a well-fit suit made by the House Of Pataudi for the Mumbai store launch, SAK was the cynosure of all eyes at this flagship event.

Marvel Event In Mumbai

Make way for Star-Lord who stuck to his roots with a personalised jacket of the rich Pataudi legacy, boot-cut jeans and rugged boots. The moustache added to the whole vibe.


White loose-fitted shirt, casual flip flops, red shorts and that father-son vibe – style is always effortless for the Nawab of Pataudi.

Gstaad Moments

The most stylish family ever as they brought in New Year's at the famed Gstaad Palace in Switzerland. The tuxedo made him look sharp and gave the perfect James Bond feels.

Airport Looks

The cool and casual Nawab rocks a green Moncler jacket at the airport with ease like no one else.

With His Sister

Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan cut a sweet image in their House Of Pataudi attire which is trademark royalty. It’s understated and elegant, to say the least.