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5 Reels Of Barkha Singh Which Are Incredibly Relatable And Will Leave You ROFL

How much time do you spend in your bathroom? How clumsy are you? Well, as you enter the weekend, we leave you with some of the most hilarious videos of Barkha Singh that are funny and so relatable that you will be rolling on the floor laughing for sure.

Barkha Singh Photo: Instagram

How much time do you spend in your bathroom? How clumsy are you? Well, you will enjoy reading this if you are a fan of funny and relatable videos. While we are flooded with a lot of content online, a few names are among our favourites and one such name is Barkha Singh.

Barkha Singh has garnered a massive fan following across the globe through her social media accounts, and now she has transitioned to being part of some of the most popular films and shows in today’s times. ‘Silence’, ‘36 Farmhouse’, ‘Maja Ma’, ‘Masaba Masaba’, ‘Please Find Attached’, ‘Girls On Top’ and many other films and show have had Barkha Singh playing pivotal characters.

However, its Barkha Singh’s incredibly relatable and funny videos on her social media have been the most loved by her fans and followers. So, as you enter the weekend, here’s trying to cheer you up with some of the choicest videos of the actress which will surely make you go rolling on the floor laughing because of their relatable content. Check ‘em out:

1. Clumsy Yet Goofy

This video of Barkha Singh’s on social media is about to touch 40 million views. We sure know why, How clumsy can you be? is the question here. She is caught in a clumsy situation that everyone can relate to. The audience has shown immense love for the video. It became one of the most-viewed videos of Barkha Singh on social media.

2. The Absent Minded

Barkha Singh consistently creates relatable and humorous content for her audience. A particular video where she presents relatable day-to-day life activities and situations where we often become absent-minded has won the hearts of her viewers. She has a unique way of presenting it in a subtle yet humorous way.

3. Bathing Never Goes So Well

Is Barkha Singh in the bathroom? She surprised her fans and audiences by sharing a funny video of her giving us an insight into her bath routine. How much time do you take for a bath? Well, it takes 45 minutes for Barkha it seems! As soon as she shared the video, it went viral on social media.

4. The Typical Mom Trap

Barkha Singh showcased her acting prowess by playing a dual role in this video. It was highly entertaining and well-received by the audience since it was very relatable, especially to Indians. Well, we all have faced this with our moms.

5. Relatable Phone Call Mishap

Barkha Singh was captured on video talking on her phone. Suddenly, her phone slipped from her grip. It seems that she was so engrossed in the conversation that she thought she had lost her phone while talking on it, which made the video even more relatable. The audience flooded social media with love and comments as this is common among all of us.

Which among these is your favourite reel of Barkha Singh? Share your thoughts with us.

Here’s to having a great weekend ahead.