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5 Actors Who’ve Made Playing Bad Look Devilishly Good

Not many actors can pull off playing a negative character with full zeal. Here are a few actors who have time and again pulled off making negative characters look so devilishly good on screen.

John Abraham In A Still From 'Pathaan'

Whenever we watch a film, it's always the protagonist that we cheer for. But what we forget is that a protagonist can play a hero only when there is a villain in the picture. Not many actors are able to pull off playing a negative character with aplomb. But in the past decade, there have been a few occasions where some actors have played negative roles and made it look so devilishly good that you were left spellbound.

Here are a few actors who have made playing negative characters look oh-so-good in the past few years.

John Abraham (Jim in ‘Pathaan’)

While Shah Rukh Khan’s magic is evidently seen in the movie, John Abraham is also gaining praise on social media. John Abraham playing Jim, a former RAW agent-turned-traitor, in 'Pathaan' definitely stole our hearts. The actor is trending all over social media for his amazing suave villainy, rugged looks and phenomenal action sequences.

Saif Ali Khan (Udaybhan Rathod in ‘Tanhaji’)

In the film 'Tanhaji', Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Mughal general Udaybhan Rathod, who is the arch-nemesis of Maratha warrior Tanaji Malusare. The wickedness of the character which Saif Ali Khan brought out left the audience on the edge of their seats with his brilliant performance.

Arjun Rampal (Rudraveer in ‘Dhaakad’)

Arjun Rampal takes playing an iconic villain a notch higher as he essays an antagonist against Kangana Ranaut’s Agent Agni in the film, 'Dhaakad'. Arjun Rampal's portrayal of Rudraveer, who is dangerous, deadly and cool is simply phenomenal and has garnered high praise from audiences all over.

Dino Morea (Shaybani Khan in ‘The Empire’)

Dino Morea who is known to amaze us with his versatile performances, plays the role of an anti-hero Shaybani Khan, in this period drama series, 'The Empire'. The audiences are in love with the series for its gripping narrative. A lot of fans loved his look as a menacing character and a cunning yet charming antagonist.

Ranveer Singh (Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’)

Khilji was a malicious and evil king, and Ranveer Singh brought out his true dark side on the big screen in 'Padmaavat'. The actor fantastically showcased manipulativeness, greed and ambition that were essential for the character. The audiences were thoroughly awestruck by the performance and rightfully so. Playing this character, Ranveer Singh proves that he is a versatile actor.

The iconic characters played by these actors are definitely going to be unforgettable. We hope to see more such actors go ahead and play more such interesting negative characters on screen.