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‘The Expendables 4’ Dream Team: 5 Action Heroes We’d Love To See Join The Ever Expanding Cast

Before you head out to theatres later this week to watch ‘The Expendables 4’, here are a few action stars whom we would love to see in this high-profile franchise.

The Expendables 4

Track him, find him, kill him! In another action-packed, thrilling adventure ‘The Expendables 4’ is coming to Indian theatres this week on September 22. Swinging heavily with a star-studded cast like no other, the fourth instalment of the cult franchise is stacked with the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Liam Neeson, Steven Seagal, and even 50 Cent.

But this isn’t the first time the franchise has showcased an abundance of A-listers in one movie. The first three instalments, namely, ‘The Expendables’, ‘The Expendables 2’, and ‘The Expendables 3’, boast stellar casts with impeccable action and stunts as well.

While ‘The Expendables 4’ already has an exhilarating cast, here are a few action heroes that could take things up to a whole new level:

The Rock

The Brahma Bull is all fired up and he’s ready to fight! As one of the most popular action heroes, The Rock seems a perfect fit for the indestructible squad of The Expendables. With a physique the size of a mountain, he’s sure to add a ton of firepower and fighting skills.

Keanu Reeves

With a wide range of fan-favourite cult classics to his name, Keanu Reeves comes with a heavy resume of amazing action and smooth fighting. Playing beloved characters like Neo and John Wick, Keanu has repeatedly displayed a propensity for success in the action genre.

Henry Cavill

Who better to add to the squad than the Man Of Steel himself? The charming, witty, and incredibly jacked Henry Cavill would be an extraordinary addition, especially considering his role in Mission Impossible - Fallout, playing a formidable foe.

Tom Cruise

Speaking of Mission Impossible, we have the legendary Tom Cruise. Needing no further elaborations after the enormously successful 6 Mission Impossible films, when you have Tom Cruise on your team, nothing is impossible.

Daniel Craig

The name's Bond, James Bond! With his immense experience playing the world’s greatest spy, and a creative detective in Knives Out, Daniel Craig is someone who will add class and stealth to the Expendables, making them a dangerous combination.

The first three instalments of ‘The Expendables’ are available on Lionsgate Play.