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‘Special Ops 1.5’ Anniversary: 5 Captivating Characters From Disney+ Hotstar’s Espionage Drama That You Must Revisit

Directed by popular suspense thriller director Neeraj Pandey, ‘Specials Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’ brings the riveting back story of the ferocious agent Himmat Singh. The show celebrates its first anniversary today, and here’s looking back at the show.

Kay Kay Menon

Dark alleys of politics, red-tapism, terrorists, and honey-trapping, form the exciting and thrilling Special Ops universe. Bringing to viewers an all-new tale from the world of spies, its second instalment, ‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’ captivated viewers' minds with its powerful punch of action, crime, espionage, and thriller.

Starring Kay Kay Menon as the titular character, Himmat Singh, the season took the audiences back in time to unravel the formative years of the decorated agent, notorious for breaking the rules to protect the nation. As the season marks its first anniversary this week, here are 5 iconic characters from the show who made the show worth watching:

Abbas Sheikh (Vinay Pathak)

Abbas Sheikh is a sub-inspector in the Delhi Police, who is Himmat Singh’s footsoldier and his partner in crime. Abbas Sheikh and Himmat Singh’s friendship has seen eras of crime and terrorist attacks across the two seasons of the series that they bravely investigated and won.

Vijay Kumar (Aftab Shivdasani)

Vijay Kumar is Himmat Singh’s best friend from college. At the same time, he is also Himmat Singh’s partner as an agent in R&AW as revealed in 'Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story'. He lives the dual life of a brilliant R&AW agent at work and a perfect happy-go-lucky husband at home. He aces the art of work-life balance, unlike many undercover agents.

Anita Sharma (Shiv Jyoti)

Anita Sharma is a volatile character in the show as her dynamic with Himmat Singh is quite confusing owing to various situations. The character is the surprise package that keeps viewers hooked to the very end of 'Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Singh Story'. Until the very end, she keeps everyone guessing her real motives. Is she a honey trap planted by terrorists? Or is she a victim of circumstances?

Sadia Qureshi (Divya Dutta)

With a dark history that goes back to being a victim of communal rights, Sadia Qureshi was a dark character who was bent on seeking revenge in 'Special Ops'. She is also revealed to be a fearless suicide bomber who is determined to complete her mission.

Maninder Singh (Aadil Khan)

Maninder Singh is the nemesis of Himmat Singh in 'Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Singh Story', an example of what Himmat could have been if he had treaded the dark side of being an R&AW agent. While Himmat is forever righteous, loyal and sincere, Maninder is the polar opposite.