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‘Shark Tank’: Mark Cuban To Leave The Popular Show After Season 16

Popular shark Mark Cuban is set to leave ‘Shark Tank’ after being a part of the show for over 15 years. The show has been a huge success and people from all over have loved Mark Cuban as one of the main sharks on the show.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has been one of the most popular sharks in ‘Shark Tank’ over the past 15 years. His insights into the world of entrepreneurship, and the way he conducts the shark interviews on ‘Shark Tank’ have become popular over the years. His clips of going all out and slamming contestants when they have got a bad patch have gone viral always. Not to forget, the way he has groomed numerous young brands to become world-class brands in invaluable debt to society.

However, after all these years, Mark Cuban has now decided to hand up his boots. It’s being reported the upcoming season 16 will be his last on ‘Shark Tank’.

In an email to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Cuban confirmed the news. As per THR, he wrote, “I just want to have a couple of summers with my teens before they go off on their own. Nothing to do with the show. I love it. I love being on it. I love what it represents and how it motivates entrepreneurs around the world.”

Before THR, Mark Cuban had also recently confirmed the news on the Showtime podcast ‘All The Smoke’, which is hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Talking about the show, Mark Cuban said on the podcast, “I love it because it sends the message the American dream is alive and well. I feel like in doing ‘Shark Tank’ all these years, we’ve trained multiple generations of entrepreneurs that if somebody can come from Iowa or Sacramento or wherever, and show up on the carpet of Shark Tank and show their business and get a deal, it’s going to inspire generations of kids. That’s what happens, right? Now, we’ve got people coming on saying I watched you when I was 10 years old. I’m like, f*ck. But we’re helping them, right? I’ve invested in, I don’t know how many hundreds of companies. On a cash basis, I’m down a little bit, but on mark-to-market meetings, the companies are still in operation. I’m way up.”

While people thought that he was just making a passing comment about his time on the show, but now it’s confirmed that he would be taking a few years off the show to spend time with his family.

For the unversed, Mark Cuban first came on ‘Shark Tank’ as a guest shark in its second season. From the third season onwards, he has been a constant on the show as one of the lead sharks.

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