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‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’: 4 Reasons Why The Comedy Show Should Be On Your Watch List

Here are a few reasons why the ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’, directed by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia, will be the perfect entertainer for you this month.


A Still From Happy Family: Conditions Apply

With multiple thrillers and noir series ruling the OTT space, ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is a breath of fresh air. It's a feel-good story, relatable characters and rib-tickling humour have struck a chord with the audience. Given that family comedy shows are a rarity on streaming services, ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ breaks the mould and becomes the game-changer. Audiences and critics’ positive response to the series is a testament to the audience opening up to such genres.

The series takes the audience on a visual tour of how a family of four generations living under one roof, despite having different opinions, sticks together and has a shared support system. The makers released 4 episodes together, and then have been releasing 2 episodes every Friday till the end of this month.


For all those who’ve yet not caught up with the show, here are a few reasons why this show should be on your watch list:

Takes You Back In Time

‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is a feel-good series you can watch with your family. The characters and storyline of this show seem like it's meant for you to travel back in time and relish your happiest childhood memories once again. It's perfect to watch on days you want to remember how summer holidays were spent with cousins playing and having fun. Watching this show will make you forget about all your worries and you’ll enjoy it just as much as you did when you were younger.


The Female Brigade

The powerful female brigade of the show is also the backbone of the family. Ratna Pathak Shah as your not-so-typical baa is a laugh riot. The loving and sometimes needy dadi is the matriarch of the family who loves her bahu, Pallavi Dholakia, with all her heart. Ayesha Jhulka, who plays Pallavi, acts as the glue to the family, keeping everyone in check and in their places. The affable, selfie-crazed Pallavi is an obedient bahu and a caring and supportive mother-in-law to Meenal Sahu’s character. Tisca (Meenal) and the sister of the family, Sanah Kapur, are the new-age Gen Z kids of the family, who are wacky, but probably the sanest people in this insane family!

The Men Of The House

From Raj Babbar as the patriarch to Atul Kulkarni as the son, the duo have been winning hearts with their never-seen-before avatars. The chemistry between the duo makes everyone laugh and is a perfect dose of entertainment not just for the family, but for the audience as well. Raunaq Kamdar plays the grand-son Sanjay, oops, we mean Sanjouy (don’t forget he changed his name!), who adds to the craziness of the family. Not to forget Ahaan Saboo, the youngest bachcha of the parivaar, who is also the cutest!

The Magic Makers

It’s always a Herculean task to showcase a family comedy series that is relatable, but JD Majethia and Aatish Kapadia make it look so easy. The creators of the show have worked their magic on the screen by simply telling the viewers that all families are happy families but with conditions applied. Although the obstacles and issues depicted in this series are ones that we all encounter on a daily basis, they have managed to portray them with a humorous perspective. With Prime Video, they have created a family drama that brilliantly captures the charm that every Indian household shares.