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Travel Comfort: 5 Portable Mattresses For The Indian Wanderlust

Are you a traveller always on the move? Here’s your guide to the best portable mattresses available in the Indian market.

Travel Comfort: 5 Portable Mattresses For The Indian Wanderlust

A night of peaceful sleep is as important for health as diet and exercise. To have a good sleep, there is a need for a pleasant environment which can be created by optimising the light, noise, and temperature of the room and choosing a comfortable mattress set. 

While people usually focus on buying the best mattresses for their homes, they tend to forget about their importance while travelling. With the growth in the travel industry, more individuals are engaging in adventurous and recreational activities like camping, trekking, etc. These activities are fun and exhausting at the same time, thereby making a person realise the cruciality of a comfortable sleep environment at night even when they are on the move. Today, portable mattresses have come into the picture, giving a perfect solution to the problem of comfortable sleeping options during travelling. 

Portable mattresses are a comfy yet pocket-friendly solution for attaining the need for a temporary bed setting. They not only fulfil the occasional need for extra space but are also more convenient for those who want to make their rooms less crowded yet fancy. And for travellers, portable mattresses are a blessing. 

When it comes to Indian travellers, comfort, convenience and portability are three of the basic needs which need to be fulfilled to make their leisure time more enjoyable and comfortable. Portable mattresses are beneficial for travellers in all these aspects.

Why a Portable Mattress is a Travel Essential 

A portable mattress is also referred to as a foldable mattress. It is rollable and is an easy floor sleeping arrangement that one can use in place of a traditional mattress. Most portable mattresses have a two-fold, three-fold, or roller shape. One can spread them when required or roll them up and put them back in storage when not needed. 

One of the most outstanding features of portable mattresses is that they are travel-friendly. In fact, with the rise in the travelling industry, they have become a travel essential. All you have to do is put it in the back of your car and carry it wherever you go. 

A portable mattress will give much-needed comfort in various terrains like mountains, beaches and even plains. In addition to this, a portable mattress is a budget-friendly, accommodation solution which can make a traveller save a heavy amount they invest in hotel stays. It makes any travel plan more experiential and flexible and is best for camping plans, picnics, and family gatherings in public places. 

These mattresses are highly versatile. They provide a convenient sleeping solution in case you get surprise visitors, or you’re shifting your base temporarily to another city. 

Some mattresses like the tri-fold ones can be converted into sofa beds for guests or kids' rooms. They can act as safety mats during children’s playtime, as they are more cushioned than traditional play mats. Portable mattresses amplify the space without compromising on the aesthetics of the place. 

Top 5 Portable Mattresses for the Indian Travel Enthusiast

Inflatable Air Mattress

An inflatable air mattress is also known as an air bed or blow-up bed. Usually made up of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber, these mattresses can be inflated by blowing into a valve either manually or with an electric pump. 

Some inflatable air mattresses are automatically inflated up to a certain pressure when a valve is opened, with additional inflation manually or by a pump. 

Besides being easy to inflate and deflate, they take up less storage. When deflated, these mattresses are compacted and can be carried or stored in a small form. Inflatable air mattresses are light in weight with reduced size and thickness.   

For travelling purposes, inflatable air mattresses are best intended for camping, trekking, and beach trips.


Roll-Up Foam Mattress

A roll-up foam mattress is a compressed-form mattress which quickly converts into a cosy sleeping or relaxing area. It is made from foam, springs, latex or a mixture of various other elements. During its manufacturing process, a roll-up foam mattress is compressed to around 25 to 30% of its original size using a vacuum. Afterwards, it is rolled up to fit into a box. 

Roll-up foam mattresses are easy to carry as they come in conveniently sized packaging. They are light in weight, easy to manoeuvre and store, and offer decent support. These mattresses are pocket saviours also. So, individuals not willing to invest in a mattress, but need a temporary solution can rely on roll-up foam mattresses. And when you hit the road, carry it with you.


Self-Inflating Travel Mats

A self-inflating mat is similar to an airbed. The outer material contains open-cell foam. As a result, it begins to expand as soon as you open the valve and it draws in air. Once it is fully inflated, you blow in a little more air to regulate firmness before closing the valve. You can let out some air If the mat is too firm. 

Self-inflating mats conserve body heat, unlike airbeds which may provide a comfortable base to rest on but let out body heat due to the internal mass of air. Airbeds require extra thermal insulation between the person and the ground in the form of a sheet which is not the case with self-inflating mats. 

Self-inflating mats can be stored neatly.  It is advisable to store them in their inflated state with the valve open as this ensures the foam maintains its memory. This also helps in letting any trapped moisture evaporate from it and prevents damage from pressure or temperature fluctuations. 

The major benefits of using self-inflating mats are that they do not require pumps to pour in air, offer insulation, and come in a compact design. They are good for mountain treks and cold terrains.

Foldable Floor Mattress

Foldable floor mattresses are usually made from memory foam, which is one of the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of mattresses. Memory foam is famous for its ability to adjust according to the weight of the person. This makes foldable floor mattresses a durable and long-term product. Because of their compact and lightweight design, foldable mattresses can be easily stored in a bag and carried during travel. They ensure comfort while travelling, especially during long rides and camping, where it’s tough to find a spot to sleep. 

Foldable floor mattresses can also double up to act as a yoga or exercise mat. So, if you are planning to get a good workout at home, bring out your foldable mattress.


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Travel Futon

The traditional Japanese futons, also known as shikibutons, have their roots in the ancient Japanese history of simple living. They have 100% cotton as the filling material instead of foam and contain covers which are also made from cotton. In Japanese houses, futons are mostly used in the guest area. 

Modern futons are flexible and therefore, can be easily rolled up and stored in a small space. It has a base which folds into one-third of its actual size. Due to the lower base, the mattress is child-friendly as there is no fear of children getting hurt if they roll off from it. 

If you are looking for a mattress which strikes a balance between comfort and portability and is made from organic material, a futon can be your go-to option. It is usually a great choice for longer stays or guest accommodations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Mattress 

Several factors need to be on your checklist before buying a portable mattress. It is recommended for a traveller to keep in mind the weight of the mattress, ease of setting it up, its insulation properties and durability for a better purchase experience.

  • The weight of the portable mattress is significant for a traveller as they have to carry it along to far-off places. We suggest carrying a lightweight mattress while travelling. A mattress which is light in weight is easier to transport and install. 

  • Next in line is to look for the ease of setup. A mattress which is easy to set in place saves a lot of time and effort, especially when a person is outdoors enjoying leisure time with close ones. 

  • Mattresses made up of foam come with good insulation properties. This is because foam has thermal properties and resistance to heat flow. So, it is advisable to carry a foam mattress if you’re planning to stay in camps in a hilly area where temperatures are quite low.

  • While travelling, one must also make sure to take along the mattress which has high durability i.e. a mattress which can withstand wear, tear, pressure and damage. This could be assured by carefully looking for a strong material while buying because what makes a portable mattress last longer is the material inside. It could be foam, cotton, polyester, etc. The expected lifetime of each of these materials is different. So, one must carefully think through it.

  • The thickness of the portable mattress is another important checkpoint as it can make the entire experience either comfortable or painful one. Usually, the thickness of the portable mattress depends upon the material. For instance, a 100% cotton portable mattress will always be different in thickness to a memory foam mattress. 

  • Mattress size is also relevant while buying. A person who is travelling alone should carry a mattress which can easily accommodate a single person while the one who is travelling with a group can consider taking a portable mattress which is enough for 2-3 people to rest on. 

  • A carrying case or a protective cover of a portable mattress increases the life of the product. Besides checking the filling material (cotton, foam polyester, etc.), one should also check the material with which the cover is made. It should be stitched out of high-quality material to ensure a longer lifetime for the portable mattress. If you are not satisfied with the one which comes along with the mattress, get one customized according to your needs but never settle for cheaper versions. 

Ensuring Longevity of Your Travel Mattress

Taking care of your portable mattress plays a pivotal role in maintaining its appearance, ensuring its longevity and creating a hygienic sleeping environment for the one who is using it. While cleaning and maintaining a portable mattress is often dependent on the material and construction of the mattress, here are some best practices that one can adhere to:

Regular vacuuming is crucial for removing dust, mites, skin flakes, and other allergens that may get collected on the mattress. The least damaging and most effective method to achieve this is using a handheld vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. 

Spot cleaning in case of accidental spills and stains is another way to keep your portable mattress in good condition for a longer time. You can use a damp cloth and mild detergent for this purpose. Eco-friendly cleaners have replaced harsh chemicals these days as they deteriorate the material quality of the mattress and invalidate its warranty. 

A good-quality, washable mattress cover is a worthy, long-term investment for protecting the mattress and extending its life. It also makes the cleaning process easier. 

With time, portable mattresses can start holding odours, especially if they are kept in closed and damp spaces. One way how odours can be neutralized is by sprinkling baking soda over the surface, leaving it for a few hours, and then vacuuming it up. You can also use material-safe fabric refreshers or simply allow the mattress to soak in a good amount of sunlight.

Proper storage is significant in increasing the lifespan of your portable mattress. An ideal storage place for your mattress has to be cool and dry. In addition to this, the portable mattress should preferably be kept inside a protective bag to protect it from dust. Make sure to always fully dry out the mattress before folding and storing it to prevent fungal growth. 

Our Final Thoughts on Portable Mattresses for Travellers

A portable mattress is a blessing for a traveller as it gives an unmatched combination of comfort and convenience. It assures a comfortable resting space amidst all the exhaustion one has to go through while exploring and travelling. These mattresses eliminate space constraints and make travel experiences memorable. 

Putting money into high-quality portable mattresses for travelling pays off in the long run. So, trust us and make a plan to buy one of the portable mattresses from this guide to add more joy to your trip and make things less complicated. 

We would be more than happy to know about your travel stories and recommendations for portable mattresses or camping hacks in the comments below.

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