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The 5 Best Badminton Rackets Under 3000 in India (2024)

Explore our recommendations of the best badminton racket under 3000 and make an informed decision to enhance your badminton game without exceeding your budget constraints. Popular brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, and Cosco offer excellent options within this price range, ensuring you get a quality racket without breaking the bank.

The 5 Best Badminton Rackets Under 3000 in India (2024)

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: The Yonex Graphite Badminton Racquet Muscle Power 29LT Black Grey stands out as the best overall choice, boasting a weight of 85 grams, an intermediate head shape, and a maximum string tension of 30 lbs, providing players with a perfect balance of power and control.

  • Best Budget: The Li-Ning Air Force 78 G2 Carbon Fiber Unstrung Badminton Racket emerges as the top budget-friendly option, with a weight of 78 grams, a head-heavy balance point, and a flexible shaft, offering excellent maneuverability and power at an affordable price.

A good badminton racket can indeed be the game-changer in your badminton journey, regardless of whether you're a weekend warrior enjoying casual matches or a seasoned player competing at a competitive level. The best badminton racket for you is the one that seamlessly aligns with your playing technique, offering the perfect blend of power, precision, and comfort.

For enthusiasts seeking optimal performance without breaking the bank, the mid range budget of under 3000 rupees is ideal. This price range strikes a balance between affordability and quality, offering a diverse array of options to suit varying needs and budgets.

Popular brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, and Cosco offer a range of badminton rackets within this price range, catering to different skill levels and playing styles. These rackets are designed to deliver a balance of power, control, and durability, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

In this article, we'll walk you through the intricacies of selecting the best badminton racket under 3000, examining various factors to help you make an informed decision and elevate your game to new heights.

Things you should consider before purchasing a badminton racket under 3000 

  • Playing Style: Determine your playing style, whether you lean towards aggressive smashes, defensive play, or a balanced approach. Different racket specifications cater to varying playing styles, so choose one that aligns with yours.

  • Weight: Pay attention to the weight of the racket as it directly influences manoeuvrability and power. Lighter rackets offer agility and quick movements, while heavier ones provide more power for smashes. Select a weight that suits your playing style and physical capabilities.

  • Balance: Consider the balance point of the racket—whether it's head-heavy, head-light, or evenly balanced. A head-heavy racket offers more power for attacking shots, while a head-light racket provides better control and manoeuvrability. An evenly balanced racket offers a compromise between power and control.

  • Grip Size: Ensure the racket's grip size fits comfortably in your hand. A grip that's too small can lead to discomfort and lack of control, while a grip that's too large may hinder your ability to manoeuvre the racket effectively.

  • String Tension: Evaluate the string tension of the racket, which affects power, control, and feel. Higher string tension delivers more power and precision but requires greater skill to control, while lower string tension offers more forgiveness and ease of use, suitable for beginners.

  • Material and Construction: Examine the materials used in the racket's construction, such as graphite, aluminium, or carbon fibre. Each material offers different properties in terms of strength, stiffness, and flexibility, impacting the racket's performance and durability.

How we picked them for you

  • Extensive Research: We conducted thorough research on a wide range of badminton rackets available in the market, considering factors like performance, endurance and features through their specifications.

  • Feature Analysis: We analysed the features of each racket, including weight, balance point, string tension, grip size, and material construction, to ensure that they aligned with your playing style and preferences.

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: We considered customer reviews and ratings to gauge the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of each racket. This helped us identify top-performing rackets that have received positive feedback from users.

  • Brand Reputation: We prioritised well-known and reputable brands such as Yonex, Li-Ning, and Cosco, which have a track record of producing high-quality badminton rackets that meet the needs of players at various skill levels.

  • Budget Consideration: Since your budget is set at under 3000 rupees, we specifically focused on rackets within this price range to ensure that all options provided excellent value for money.

Below is a list of best badminton rackets under 3000 in India


The Li-Ning Air Force 78 G2 Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket presents a formidable fusion of lightweight construction and military-grade materials, optimising your gameplay with precision and power. Crafted with dynamic-optimum frame technology and a flexible shaft, this racket effortlessly transitions between attacking smashes and defensive clears. With a head-heavy balance and a weight of 78 grams, it ensures enhanced power transfer and manoeuvrability on the court. The Aerotec beam system adds unparalleled rigidity, allowing for accurate and rugged smashes, while the ultra-light technology minimises air resistance for swift swings. Designed for semi-professional players, this racket amplifies your performance with every strike, making it a force to reckon with in the game of badminton.


  • Price: 2,850 (MRP 5,590 49% Off)

  • Brand: Li-Ning

  • Weight: 78 grams

  • Balance: Head heavy

  • Material: Carbon fibre

  • Grip size: 4 1/4 inches

  • Tension: Up to 30 lbs

  • Shaft: Flexible



Powerful smashes

May not suit beginners

Flexible shaft enhances performance

Requires proper stringing

Durable carbon fibre construction

Wide string area helps with accuracy

Lightweight for agile play

Suitable for intermediate players

Weight is distributed evenly

User’s Review: If you are looking for a light weight racket, this is a very good option. It is head heavy thus makes it feel so light when you hold it. I did not play with default strings, removed it and did the gutting immediately. I tried with string tension of 27-29, it was at it's best. You can even string it with other tension values. Delivered in 2 days, and packaging had no issues

Why it's worth buying: Its impressive 4.2-star rating on Amazon from over 1600 ratings underscores its worthiness, promising reliability and performance on the court.


The Yonex Graphite Badminton Racquet Muscle Power 29LT Black Grey is a pinnacle of precision and power, meticulously crafted to elevate your gameplay. Constructed with MP frame technology, this racket ensures total unity between the string and frame, enhancing durability and minimising stress-load during intense rallies. With a weight of 85 grams and a head shape designed for intermediate players, it offers sharp manoeuvrability and control on the court. The built-in joint creates a torque-free one-piece frame for unparalleled strength, while the Isometric design expands the sweet spot by 7%, delivering greater control without compromising power. Perfectly suited for high-tension play and featuring a control support cap for enhanced gripping, this Yonex masterpiece is a turning point in the world of badminton.


  • Price: 2,649 (MRP 4,200 37% Off)

  • Brand: Yonex 

  • Weight: 85 grams

  • Grip Size: G4

  • Tension: 30 lbs

  • Material: Graphite

  • Head Shape: Isometric



Enhanced control and power

Guts are need to be tightened

Durable built-in joint

Flexibility could be improved 

Expanded sweet spot

Maneuverable and lightweight

High tension support

Optimal stress-load distribution

User’s Review: It's too light. I was playing with a heavier silvers steel racket and decided it was time to up my level. I chose this racket after comparing it with carbonex as I was a frequent smasher. The experience was phenomenal. I am more into doubles and this racket made me return most shots with higher accuracy with easier movements. I can feel that I have become faster than before as my friends and coach have verified. Smashes are very fast, better than before. Default tension of the muscle power was better than the carbonex 8000 plus. Hard to tell about the net drops. It's really good for drops as well.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for superior control and power, backed by an Amazon Choice badge and over 8000 positive ratings on Amazon, ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction.


The Apacs Finapi 232 Reborn Badminton Racket redefines the game with its impressive features and unrivalled performance. Engineered to handle a mega tension of 42 lbs, this racket delivers immense power and precision to your shots, allowing you to dominate the court effortlessly. Crafted with premium 100% Japanese graphite, it embodies strength and flexibility, ensuring durability and enhanced playing experience. The toughest frame construction withstands intense gameplay, providing longevity and sustained performance. Designed as part of the Power Series, it delivers explosive power behind every shot, making it the ultimate choice for aggressive players. Made in Vietnam with skilled craftsmanship, this racket exudes elegance and modernity, reflecting your style and passion for the game while intimidating your opponents.


  • Price: 2,799 (MRP 7,999 65% Off)

  • Brand: Apacs 

  • Tension: 42 lbs

  • Material: Japanese Graphite

  • Grip Size: 4 inches

  • Weight: Ultra-light

  • Frame: Tough construction

  • Series: Power



Impressive power and precision

Requires a high skill level.

Premium Japanese graphite construction

Durable and long-lasting

Sleek and elegant design

Comfortable grip provides better control

Lightweight and balanced weight 

User’s Review: This racket's got some serious oomph when it comes to power smashes. The design is sleek, and it feels comfortable in hand. It's got a nice balance to it, making those smashes feel natural rather than forced.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for unparalleled power and precision, crafted with premium Japanese graphite for durability and performance that exceeds expectations.


The Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed Carbon Fibre Badminton Racket revolutionises gameplay with its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. Made with Ultralite Carbon Graphite, this racket strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and durability, ensuring agility and responsiveness on the court. Powered by Superlight technology, it weighs a mere 77 grams without compromising on smash power, providing players with unmatched speed and striking force. The High Tensile Slim Shaft enhances rebound balance and power transmission, delivering precise and controlled shots with ease. Compressed Groove Technology reduces air-drag, while Dynamic Optimum Frame and Nano Power Frame maximise the sweet spot for consistent and powerful stroke play. Whether you're an intermediate player seeking speed or accuracy, the Ignite 7 is your ultimate companion for dominating the game.


  • Price: 2,990 (MRP 5,490 46% Off)

  • Brand: Li-Ning

  • Material: Carbon Fibre

  • Weight: 77 grams

  • Tension: 30 lbs

  • Shaft: Slim

  • Technology: Superlight, Compressed Groove

  • Grip Size: S1



Lightweight design

Default strings are low in tension

Superlight technology maintains power

May feel too light for some players

Precise power transmission and control

High-quality carbon graphite material

Slim shaft provides rebound balance

Durable construction

Long-lasting performance

User’s Review: I've been using this racket since 2021 and it's the best I guess. I clashed it many times but the durability is amazing, I mostly string my racquet at 28lbs and the performance that it delivers is exceptional.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its lightweight design, powerful smash, and precise control. With a 4.1-star rating on Amazon, it's highly regarded for its performance and quality.


The YONEX Graphite Badminton Racquet Smash is designed to maximise your control and power on the court. Featuring the Rotational Generator System, weight is strategically distributed throughout the racket for maximum control, allowing you to transition between shots smoothly and swiftly. The NANOMESH NEO technology ensures a stronger and more flexible frame, while the increased shaft flex delivers maximum power. The AERO+BOX Frame provides a solid hitting feel and quick swing, enhancing your overall performance. Additionally, the Control Support CAP offers sharp manoeuvrability, providing an 88% wider flat surface for easier gripping and fast follow-through. With its ISOMETRIC design, this racquet generates a larger sweet spot, giving you greater control without sacrificing power. Perfect for intermediate players looking to enhance their game, the YONEX Smash delivers unparalleled performance and precision.


  • Price: 3,000 (MRP 3,150 5% Off)

  • Brand: YONEX 

  • Weight: 73 grams

  • Tension: 28 lbs

  • Grip Size: G4

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

  • Material: Graphite

  • Colour: White & Navy Blue

  • Size: G5



Maximum control and power

String tension is poor 

Stronger with more flexible frame

Quality is not sturdy

Sharp manoeuvrability and easy gripping

Smooth transition between shots

Quick swing and solid hitting feel

Lightweight design improves game play

User’s Review: It’s very powerful for beginners who want to crush their opponents with multiple smashes and also trick with drops… beginners who want to learn smash and drops can surely buy it…

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its maximum control and power, as evidenced by 55% of Amazon customers awarding it a 5-star rating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find a durable badminton racket under 3000 rupees?

  • Yes, many rackets in this price range are crafted from durable materials like graphite or carbon fibre, offering both longevity and performance on the court.

Do badminton rackets under 3000 rupees offer sufficient power and control?

  • Yes, many rackets in this range are designed to offer a balance of power and control, allowing players to execute precise shots while maintaining hitting prowess.

What string tension should I opt for in a badminton racket?

  • Opt for a string tension that suits your playing style and skill level, typically ranging from 24 to 30 lbs, ensuring a balance between power and control.

Is it better to purchase a pre-strung or unstrung badminton racket within 3000 rupees in India?

  • The choice between strung and unstrung depends on personal preference and skill level. While pre-strung rackets offer convenience, unstrung ones allow for customization to match your playing style and string tension preferences.

What level of stiffness should intermediate badminton players look for in a racket?

  • Intermediate players typically benefit from a racket with medium stiffness. This balance allows for sufficient power generation without sacrificing control, ensuring a versatile performance on the court.

The Bottom Line

With each swing, players seek the optimal blend of power, control, and agility to dominate the court. Our carefully curated list encapsulates this quest, offering a diverse array of rackets tailored to every playing style and skill level. From lightweight frames to innovative technologies, each option beckons with promises of precision and performance. By choosing from our selection, players embark on a path paved with potential, where every shot is a step closer to badminton greatness.

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