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10 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women in India (2024)

Regardless if you are rushing to work or managing numerous tasks, smelling fresh throughout the day is essential. That's why we've carefully selected the best long-lasting perfumes for women in India. Our curated list ensures that you stay refreshed and confident, even on your busiest days.

10 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women in India (2024)

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Hugo Boss FEMME Eau de Parfum stands out with its sophisticated blend of floral and woody notes, making it an ideal choice for all occasions with its 75ml aerosol spray form.

  • Best for Formal Occasions: Calvin Klein Euphoria EDP for Women, 100ml, stands out with its seductive oriental fragrance and long-lasting appeal, making it perfect for making a statement at formal events.

  • Best for Daily Wear: Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette for her, 60ml, provides a refreshing and versatile fruity scent, ideal for everyday use with its travel-friendly size and invigorating aroma.

  • Best Budget: Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist, Aqua Kiss, 250 ml, offers a budget-friendly option with its cool and invigorating fragrance, perfect for those looking for a refreshing scent without breaking the bank.

A woman's essence shines through in every role she embodies – be it a dedicated professional, a caring mother, a supportive friend, or a confident individual. Amidst the myriad responsibilities and endless to-do lists, there's an undeniable need for women to feel fresh and invigorated, regardless of the challenges they face.

Understanding the significance of a long-lasting perfume in a woman's daily routine is recognizing its ability to uplift spirits, boost confidence, and leave a lasting impression. A persistent scent can provide comfort and confidence no matter what the situation—whether it's acing a big business presentation, going to a party, or just taking a minute for self-care.

That's precisely why we've meticulously curated this list of the best long-lasting perfumes for women in India. Our selection encompasses a diverse array of scents, from floral and fruity to woody and oriental, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect olfactory comrade.

Read through this article to find the best perfume for women that not only lasts long but also complements your unique style, ensuring you stay fresh and delightful throughout the day.

Things to consider before purchasing a long lasting perfume for women 

  • Fragrance Notes: Pay attention to the fragrance notes, including top, middle (heart), and base notes. Consider whether you prefer floral, fruity, oriental, woody, or fresh scents, and how these notes evolve over time.

  • Longevity: Check the longevity of the perfume. Look for reviews or test the scent to see how long it lasts on your skin, especially if you need it to withstand a full day of wear.

  • Skin Type: Consider your skin type, as fragrances can interact differently with oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Test the perfume on your skin to ensure it doesn't cause irritation or react adversely.

  • Occasion: Think about the occasions you'll be wearing the perfume for. Choose a versatile scent that can transition seamlessly from daytime to evening wear, or select specific fragrances for different events or seasons.

  • Personal Preferences: Take into account your personal preferences and style. Whether you prefer subtle and understated scents or bold and impactful fragrances, choose a perfume that resonates with your individual taste and personality.

  • Packaging: While not directly related to the fragrance itself, consider the packaging and presentation of the perfume. Choose a bottle design that appeals to you aesthetically and reflects your style.

How we selected them for you 

  • Research: We conducted extensive research on various perfume brands and their offerings in the Indian market to identify the most promising options.

  • Customer Reviews: We analysed customer reviews and feedback to gauge the popularity, performance, and satisfaction levels of different perfumes among Indian women.

  • Versatility Assessment: We considered the versatility of each perfume, assessing its suitability for various occasions, climates, and personal preferences.

  • Brand Reputation: We took into account the reputation and track record of the perfume brands, prioritising those known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Value for Money: We evaluated the overall value proposition of each perfume, considering factors such as price, packaging, and the amount of product provided.

Below is a list of best long lasting perfumes for women in India with their prices


The Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave is an exquisitely feminine fragrance that radiates positive energy and natural sensuality. Crafted with a blend of citrus, pineapple, and woody notes, intertwined with the invigorating scent of ocean air, this fragrance captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for everyday wear, this EDT spray embodies the essence of joy and seduction, making it a must-have addition to your fragrance collection.


  • Price: 5,750 

  • Brand: Davidoff

  • Volume: 100ml

  • Type: EDT Spray

  • Scent: Floral

  • Family: Fruity

  • Profile: Everyday

  • Ingredients: Natural



Fresh vibrant scent

Slightly overpriced

Natural and fruity notes

Long-lasting fragrance

Feminine and joyful

Suitable for daily wear

User’s Review: This is my all time favourite perfume. I absolutely love the scent , its stays for a day and it's so fresh. I would totally recommend this product if you are a musk or floral scent lover. 

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its long-lasting, refreshing scent, with 75% of users giving it a 5-star rating out of 12,000+ global ratings on Amazon.


Indulge in the allure of Guess Seductive Noir Eau de Toilette, a floral fragrance designed to captivate and seduce. With top notes of bergamot, sage, and peony, this scent unfolds into a mesmerising blend of iris, jasmine sambac, and lily of the valley. As it evolves, warm vanilla, velvet, and Haitian vetiver create a sensual and irresistible aroma. Perfect for cooler days and nights, this fragrance embodies sophistication and sweetness, making it a go-to choice for mastering the art of seduction.


  • Price: 4,080 (MRP 5,100 20% Off)

  • Brand: GUESS

  • Type: Eau de Toilette

  • Volume: 75 ml

  • Form: Spray

  • Scent: Fresh

  • Special Feature: Travel Size

  • Fragrance Category: Oriental, Floral



Ideal for cooler weather

May be too sweet for some

Travel-friendly size

Versatile fragrance for day or night

Elegant and feminine

Scent lasts for a good period of time 

User’s Review: The perfume is original, smells delicious like vanilla with a final note of lavender and is very long-lasting, until the next day.

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and a strong brand identity, that lasts long and exudes elegance, making it a versatile choice for day or night wear.


Experience the timeless allure of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette Spray, a fragrance that embodies the glamour and sophistication of an iconic starlet. With rich floral notes including lily, rose, and gardenia, this scent evokes the radiant beauty and rare brilliance of a precious jewel. Delicately blended with sparkling aldehydes and subtle oriental undertones, White Diamonds exudes elegance and femininity. Perfect for the classic and sophisticated woman, this fragrance leaves a lasting impression that is both luxurious and understated. Celebrate the essence of star quality with Elizabeth Taylor!


  • Price: 3,115 (MRP 7,999 61% Off)

  • Brand: Elizabeth Taylor

  • Type: Eau De Toilette

  • Volume: 100ml

  • Form: Spray

  • Scent: Floral

  • Feature: Natural Ingredients



Luxurious floral fragrance

Scent intensity may vary for some 

Timeless and sophisticated scent

May not appeal to everyone

Great for casual wear

Elegant and classic bottle 

Endless brilliance of a rare jewel

User’s Review: A spray on the neck & wrists will do you well. I get many compliments on it & I must say, this does not smell the same on everyone ! I know someone else who wears it & it smells different on her than on me, but it still smells great ! I guess it blends w/each woman's body chemistry. It is affordable & is a nice purse size. I would buy it again

Why it's worth buying: With an impressive 81% giving it a 5 star rating from an overall 19000+ global ratings it has earned a timeless and sophisticated scent that has captivated many.


Immerse yourself in the captivating femininity of Hugo Boss FEMME Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is a harmonious blend of radiant, soft, and smooth notes that embody modern femininity. With top notes of Stephanotis, Rose, and Oriental Lily, this scent evolves into a captivating blend of Musk and Lemon Tree Wood, with a base of Floral Fruity undertones. Hugo Boss is designed for the sophisticated woman who seeks a modern and liberating fragrance experience. Spray on pulse points to intensify the scent and embrace the luxurious aura this perfume exudes.


  • Price: 5,900

  • Brand: Boss

  • Volume: 75ml

  • Form: Aerosol

  • Scent: Floral

  • Type: EDP

  • Shelf Life: 60 months

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom



Subtle lingering warmth

Smell can be intense for some 

Easy to apply with spray

Expensive for the quantity 

Sophisticated and feminine

Long-lasting fragrance

Modern kind style scent 

Suitable for daily wear

User’s Review: The perfume is perfect ,whenever I wear it people ask me about the brand.It deserves the price.Can be used any time; day or night and any occasion formal or informal. Very nice product. 

Why it's worth buying: Highly rated with a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, reflecting its popularity and effectiveness.


Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette fragrance is the ultimate accessory for the modern woman, revealing her sensuality and charm. It embodies dynamism, strength, and confidence. This travel-sized spray captures the essence of Jimmy Choo's dream, evoking an ephemeral and empowering aura. With top notes of Pear, Ginger, and Tiger Orchid, this scent transitions seamlessly into heart notes of Tea Rose and Vibrant Wood, before leaving a lasting impression with base notes of Cedarwood. Feel fresh and invigorated as you spritz onto pulse points, and express a mysterious flair. 


  • Price: 5,300 

  • Brand: Jimmy Choo

  • Form: Spray

  • Volume: 60ml

  • Scent: Fruity

  • Special Feature: Travel Size



Fresh and invigorating scent

Limited volume for daily use

Convenient travel size

May be too strong for some

Empowering and mysterious aroma

Easy to apply on pulse points

Lasts for a long period of time 

User’s Review: My daughter loves her expensive perfumes, and Jimmy choo must be hovering at the top of the leaderboard. Bought as a gift for my daughter for Christmas, I know she is going to love it. Great product, great packaging at a very competitive price.

Why it's worth buying: An Amazon Choice product, embodying empowerment and charm with every spray.


Calvin Klein Euphoria EDP for Women is a seductive oriental fragrance that exudes modern sensuality. This travel-sized spray delivers a smooth yet addictive scent, blending exotic fruits, seductive florals, and a rich, creamy signature. Inspired by the orchid's mythical and exotic notes, Euphoria unveils a mysterious and feminine aroma with top notes of pomegranate and succulent persimmon, followed by a captivating blend of orchid and lotus blossom. The drydown leaves a lasting impression of liquid amber, mahogany wood, and sensual musks. Experience the captivating allure of limitless freedom with Calvin Klein


  • Price: 7,450 (MRP 8,050 7% Off)

  • Brand: Calvin Klein

  • Volume: 100ml

  • Form: Spray

  • Scent: Oriental Fruity

  • Special Feature: Travel Size



Addictive fragrance


Long-lasting appeal

Rich creamy signature notes 

Mysterious and feminine

Smooth yet captivating

User’s Review: This is one of my favourite fragrances. This lasts a long time. This is very rich, feminine, and diverse. I also love the bottle design. The fragrance can't be called easy, it's powerful and sweet, but infinitely beautiful! I already knew the perfume, and on Amazon it was a great deal!

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its highly rated allure: 82% awarded it a 5-star rating on Amazon, affirming its captivating scent and lasting appeal.


Embrace the timeless elegance of Coach Eau De Toilette for her, a fragrance inspired by the vibrant energy of a New York City sunrise. Designed for the modern woman with a strong sense of individuality and effortless style, this EDT encapsulates the adventurous spirit of endless possibilities. With top notes of pear, white Alba rose, and white cedarwood, this scent transitions smoothly into a heart of floral and fruit notes. The base notes leave a lasting impression, lingering on the skin for hours. Sign your story with Coach EDT, a modern classic fragrance that celebrates your authenticity and free spirit.


  • Price: 3,650 

  • Brand: Coach

  • Volume: 30ml

  • Scent: Floral

  • Origin: Italy

  • Form: Spray

  • Style: Timeless, universal



Authentic and elegant scent

May fade over time

Effortless style statement

Perfect for modern women

Ideal for everyday wear

Captures adventurous spirit

User’s Review: My purchase arrived earlier than expected. It is for a friend's birthday in January. My friend always comments on how nice it is when I wear it. I am just hoping that she likes it as much as herself. Thank you very much.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its long-lasting elegance and versatility. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and backed by Coach's renowned brand identity, it's a symbol of quality and sophistication.


Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Aqua Kiss is the perfect choice for those who crave a scent that's uniquely of the moment. a cool and invigorating fragrance that evokes the feeling of cool waters and bright daisies. This scented mist is part of The Mist Collection, which celebrates individuality and uniqueness. With a fragrance style that is fresh and vibrant, Aqua Kiss is perfect for making a splash and leaving a lasting impression. The 250ml bottle is ideal for daily use, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance adventure wherever you go.


  • Price: 1,299 (MRP 1,999 35% Off)

  • Brand: Victoria's Secret

  • Form: Liquid

  • Volume: 250 ml

  • Scent: Aqua

  • Feature: Scented

  • Fragrance Style: Fresh



Refreshing and invigorating scent

Convenient spray bottle

Long-lasting fragrance

Evokes a feeling of freshness

Ideal for daily use

User’s Review: My purchase arrived earlier than expected. It is for a friend's birthday in January. My friend always comments on how nice it is when I wear it. I am just hoping that she likes it as much as herself. Thank you very much.

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.3-star rating on Amazon from over 6000 reviews, it's a trusted choice for long-lasting freshness.


Armaf Tres Jour Pour Femme Eau De Parfum offers a floral fragrance experience that lasts all day, perfect for everyday use or as a thoughtful gift. This scented liquid, housed in an attractive bottle, ensures freshness for 24 hours, making it ideal for long-lasting wear. With top notes of lemon and green tea, complemented by a floral heart of white flowers and jasmine, Tres Jour leaves a beautiful and refreshing scent. The base notes of patchouli, vanilla, cedar, and musk add depth and sophistication to this fragrance, creating an irresistible aroma that will make you feel beautiful from within.


  • Volume: 100ml

  • Scent: Tres Jour

  • Form: Liquid

  • Special Feature: Scented, Travel Size



Long-lasting freshness

Scent may not suit everyone

Everyday use

Ideal for gifting

Floral and refreshing fragrance

Attractive bottle design

Convenient travel size

User’s Review: This is a perfect dupe for Pure Poison by Christian Dior. I think I like this one better! It smells amazing, very feminine and sweet, and lasts long too.

Why it's worth buying: With a 66% 5-star rating on Amazon, it's a popular choice for those seeking a delightful and enduring scent.


Skinn By Titan Women's Eau De Parfum, Celeste, 100 ml, provides a modern and feminine fragrance experience that evokes the liveliness of a spring garden. With top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, green pear, ginger, and white peach, this scent is both luminous and sparkling. The heart reveals playful floral nectar of jasmine sambac flower, orange flower, tuberose, and waterlily. The base notes of apricot nectar, sandalwood, patchouli, and white musks add a creamy and sensual touch to the fragrance. Celeste is designed for women who embrace a playful mood with a hint of charming mischief.


  • Price: 2.595 

  • Brand: Skinn

  • Volume: 100 ml

  • Form: Liquid

  • Scent: Wood

  • Special Feature: Scented



Lively fragrance evokes spring garden

May not last that long 

Modern and feminine scent

May not suit all preferences

Versatile for everyday wear

Elegant and attractive packaging

Fresh and floral notes

User’s Review: First of all I am very much satisfied after purchasing the product. I have gifted the perfume to my wife and she was spellbound after using the perfume. Fragrance is very good but mild and can be a worthy gift for anyone. Thanks to Titan for producing this type of perfume. I will rate this product as 5 out of 5.

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, it is highly rated for its long-lasting aroma and elegant scent profile, making it a delightful choice for everyday wear or gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What factors affect the longevity of a perfume?

  • Perfume longevity can be influenced by individual body chemistry, application method, concentration of fragrance oils, and the quality of ingredients used in the perfume formulation.

Is there a difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

  • Yes, Eau de Parfum typically contains a higher concentration of fragrance oils than Eau de Toilette, resulting in longer-lasting scent on the skin.

Can perfume expire?

  • Yes, perfume can expire. Generally, it lasts 3-5 years if stored properly. Expired perfume may change scent or lose potency.

How can I make my perfume last longer?

  • To enhance the longevity of your perfume, consider moisturising your skin before application, targeting pulse points, avoiding rubbing the fragrance into the skin, and storing the perfume in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Can I mix different perfumes for women?

  • Yes, you can layer or mix perfumes to create a unique scent. Experiment with complementary notes and start with lighter fragrances.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect perfume for women is akin to discovering a signature scent that speaks volumes without uttering a word. With our carefully curated list, you're not just choosing a perfume; you're selecting an olfactory companion that mirrors your style, personality, and mood. From the timeless elegance of floral bouquets to the invigorating freshness of citrus blends, our selection offers a symphony of scents to suit every taste and occasion. Trust in our list to guide you on a fragrant adventure where each spritz becomes a moment of self-expression and delight

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