Friday, Aug 12, 2022

These Two Countries Have Relaxed COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Starting From June

The relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions has started the trend of ‘revenge travel’ where people are travelling to different places to break the monotony

Many European countries have relaxed their travel related covid-19 restrictions in May
Many European countries have relaxed their travel related covid-19 restrictions in May Shutterstock

Two countries – Germany and Italy – have relaxed COVID-19 travel restrictions starting from June 2022. This comes against the backdrop of many European countries relaxing their travel-related COVID-19 restrictions from May onwards. However, a few other countries like France and Spain still have their restrictions in place.

Germany relaxes COVID-19 related travel restrictions

According to reports, Karl Lauterbach, German Health Ministry, announced Germany is dropping all COVID-19 related travel restrictions, starting from June 1. Germany has also dropped its 3G entry rule. The 3G rule requires travellers to show a valid vaccination certificate, recovery test or COVID-19 test to enter the country. The rule comes into being effective after a significant drop in the coronavirus cases.

Yet, making safety their top priority, travel restrictions are in place if travellers are arriving from ‘virus variant areas.’ Restrictions include quarantine for 14 days irrespective of vaccination stages. However, at present, Germany has not marked any country as a ‘virus variant area’. Germany is allowing travellers from EU/EEA or safe list countries or fully vaccinated with WHO recognised vaccines for this summer. The vaccines need to be admitted by the EU. Vaccines like CoronaVac, Sinopharm BIBP and Covaxin

At present, fully vaccinated travellers are allowed to enter the country. On the other hand, unvaccinated travellers cannot enter Germany unless they have specific reasons.

Italy relaxes COVID-19 related travel restrictions

From 31st May, travellers do not have to show vaccination proofs, recovery or test certificates while entering the country, as per the Italian Ministry of Health. The rule is valid for all international travellers, irrespective of their country of departure. They have also removed the filling of the Passenger Locator Form on 31st May.
Despite the dangers of inflation, risk of increasing COVID-19 cases, shortages of staff in the hospitality sector, and other issues, people are continuing to explore places. This has started a trend of revenge travel. The need for ‘revenge travel’ arises when people are bored of their monotonous activities and travel to different tourist places to break the monotony.