Making Sustainable Choices Through Food As You Travel

It is of paramount importance to ensure travellers’ choices should not leave a heavy footprint behind

One of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly choices is to eat vegetarian or vegan

Food is an important aspect of travel. Through food, you can easily make new friends and understand the culture of a region. However, with sustainability one of the pillars of tourism these days, one should also be mindful of the environment. It is of paramount importance that whatever you eat does not leave behind a heavy footprint.

One of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly choices is to eat vegetarian or vegan, irrespective of if you are planning to stay at home or decide to step out. According to media reports, it has been noted that meat and dairy, especially cows, have a crucial impact on climate change. On the other hand, people who prefer meat, should eat chicken or seafood that is sustainably sourced.

Here are some tips on how you can be a conscious traveller:

  • Pack your snacks

Instead of packing sumptuous food, why not opt for quick bites such as nuts, fruits, or local snacks. Preferably buy these snacks from local vendors. Avoid buying pre-packaged products which come in plastic packages and contribute to landfills.

  • Supporting local eateries

Exploring a place and not trying the local cuisine defies the purpose of travelling to a new place. Enjoy the different kinds of dishes prepared locally. These are usually fresh and mostly locally sourced. By eating local dishes, you are also supporting the farmers.

  • Avoid choosing expensive restaurants

Restaurants and resorts provide Western-style breakfast, which tends to generate a lot of waste and indulgence. They miss the very essence and flavour. Hence, choosing local dining experiences is always a welcome option.

  • Say no to plastic

Reusable straws are the best. Plastic straws are harmful to wildlife and pollute the oceans. At present, efforts are on to drastically reduce the use of plastic; in some regions, many kinds of plastic products, such as plastic straws, are permanently banned. Use stainless steel or collapsible straws to ensure reuse.