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Mad About Mukbang? Satisfy Your Korean Cravings At These 5 Korean Restaurants in India

Mad About Mukbang? Satisfy Your Korean Cravings At These 5 Korean Restaurants in India

With the rise of K-pop and K-dramas among the young generation, the demand for Korean cuisine is at an all-time high.

Korean Cuisine
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From music to OTT series, and fashion, the youth in India have fallen in love with everything Korean. The demand for Korean cuisine is also on the rise. Here’s a list of Korean restaurants in five Indian cities.   

Hengbok Restaurant, Mumbai 

With its diverse selection of Korean cuisine, Hengbok is a must-try on every foodie's list. It offers a variety of dishes like kimchi, tteokboki, salmon, Korean pork, and octopus. Hengbok, which in Korean means ‘happiness’, is exactly what the location delivers.

Where: Suburbia Mall, 6th floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Ramen with Tteobokki
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Jang Won, Chennai 

Every K-food lover should keep an eye out for this simple 82-seater Japanese and Korean eatery, which has established itself as the area favourite for Korean BBQ. With options like bibimbap, pig belly, jjampong, gimbap, japchae, and more, the menu is impressive. There are lots of options to try, such as cucumber, kimchi, spinach, and chicken. You can also have shots of soju (Korean beer). In addition to its food, the restaurant is popular for its norebang (a Korean karaoke room). Going with your friends is the best way to experience this eatery.

Where: Shop 2, Link Street, Kottur Gardens, Chennai

Busan Korean Restaurant, New Delhi 

Majnu Ka Tila, often known as MKT, is home to a  Korean restaurant serving a wide range of Korean cuisine. Each dish has a rich combination of delectable, authentic Korean flavours. Our suggestions for the restaurant are the bibimbap (yache dolsot, non-veg dolsot, pork, yache and dak), gyeran mari (Korean egg roll), jeyukdeopbap (marinated stir-fried pork and veggies with a bowl of rice and broth), and kimchi jigae (hot-pot of kimchi and pig meat stew with a bowl of rice) (Korean rice rolls).

Where: Ground Floor, Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi 

Soo Ra Sang, Bengaluru 

Soo Ra Sang is tucked behind the airport, built into a traditional Korean set-up. Self-serve is the standard dining style in Korea, as it is here. They serve authentic Korean cuisine including barbecues, seafood soups, and fish stews with a soy sauce base. Don't forget to enjoy their speciality, the greatest barbeques in town.

Where: Himalayan Inn Hotel Rooftop, 332, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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K, Pune 

You're in luck if you want to savour some spicy noodle soup in Pune. Visit K, one of the few locations in the city that offers delicious and authentic Korean cuisine. They provide outstanding seaweed rolls, tteok galbi steak, spicy ramen, and dumplings in addition to soup.

Where: D/11, Sai Heritage, Aundh, Pune