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Preparations for a langar meal at a gurudwara in Amritsar

Partition Shapes How India Eats Today

Punjabi cuisine today is a mélange of Indo-Mughal-Persian-Afghani nuances. With the fleeing Punjabis from the North West Frontier region came the tandoor, and a whole new landscape of barbequed fare for the rest of India.

27 August 2022

Customers line up to buy Christmas cakes at Nahoum & Sons in Kolkata

The Foodie Guide To India: Have You Been To These 5 Iconic Restaurants Yet?

From historic addresses attached to freedom struggles to those made famous by their dishes, we round up some of the most iconic restaurants in India that are actually worth a visit.

The bar at Adrift Kaya

World On A Plate With The Gypsy Chef

Chef David Myers’ first restaurant in India has already garnered raving reviews 

Sunset on Pichola lake in Udaipur

Hip Cafes To Fine Dining: Where To Eat In Udaipur

The City of Lakes has many nooks and corners for a culinary trail

22 August 2022

The flavoured salts are exceptionally important to life in pahadi regions

Pisyu Loon: Uttarakhand's Traditional Flavoured Salts

Traditional Pahari salts from Uttarakhand come in a variety of flavours and colours

Representative Image: Chef Bhasin has pioneered many path-breaking concepts in the field of culinary

Of Culinary Sustainability And More 

While innovations in the culinary space are all well-paced, takers for sustainability in the culinary field are still a few

23 April 2022

The milk for Kashmir brand Himalayan Cheese is sourced from Gujjars, semi-nomadic pastoralists who r

Foodies Ahoy, How Many Of These Made In India Cheeses Have You Tried?

The land where cheese always meant paneer, has over the years developed a homegrown range that's to die for.

26 September 2022


Eat out this weekend based on your personal travel style

Where To Eat This Weekend Based On Your Travel Style 

Bored of making a choice based on your taste buds?

22 April 2022

08 April 2022
A Whisky Tour In Singapore

A Whisky Tour In Singapore

The trip is planned in association with The Swan Song, The Auld Alliance, The Single Cask, The ExciseMan, Quaich Bar, and Signature Reserve.

30 March 2022
'American Convenience Culture Has Largely Erased The Concept of Seasonal Produce'

'American Convenience Culture Has Largely Erased The Concept of Seasonal Produce'

Rome-based culinary historian, New York Times-bestselling cookbook author, and Emmy-nominated television host Katie Parla talks about her journey from art...