Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Covid Travel

Almost 90 per cent of Singapore residents are vaccinated.

Singapore Rules Out Indoor Mask Requirements

It is the first time in more than two years that the Southeast Asian city is not required to wear masks indoors.

29 August 2022

A reopening date has not yet been announced.

Potala Palace In Tibet Closed Due To A Covid-19 Outbreak

The palace's Weixin social media site said that a reopening date will be announced later.

However, rules might change if a new covid-19 variant is discovered

Frances Removes All Covid-19 Related Travel Restrictions

The rule is applicable till March 2023

Travellers must apply for a travel certificate before reaching the island

Cayman Islands Lifts All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

As per the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, from today, visitors do not have to show any proof of covid-19 vaccination, a negative test, a travel declaration form or a travel request, which used to be sent via Travel...

24 August 2022

Easter Island is just 3,500 kilometres west of the coast of Chile

You Can Once Again Get Up Close With The Moais Of Easter Island

Like much of history, the story of the moais treads a fine line between history and mythology

 Due to this, the rich economy of Japan is also suffering

Japan Fails To Attract Tourists Despite Reopening After 2 Years

At present, Japan is one of the island nations with strict travel restrictions

21 July 2022

Apart from such places with vaccine passes, visitors can venture to other places

Hong Kong Has Reduced Hotel Quarantine To Just Three Days

Inbound travellers who test negative will get yellow code on ‘Leave Home Safe’ risk exposure app, and will be able to enjoy restricted activities from day 4

10 August 2022