EXCLUSIVE: Rob Font On Family, Fatherhood, And A Fated Pizza Delivery Ahead Of UFC Fight Night Dariush vs Tsarukyan - Part Two

Rob Font was delivering Pizzas on a fight night when an encounter with a group of individuals turned him toward a life of Mixed Martial Arts. In part two of his exclusive interview with Outlook, Font talks family, his relationship with his siblings, and how his newborn child is pushing him to be a better person

Rob Font
Ron Font X

Born in Massachusetts, in a family of army men and women, Rob Font moved around the globe to wherever his parents' work would take him and his two siblings. New surroudings, though, brought with them new opportunities, and Font ensured that he always was getting the best out of them. He even believes that a life of constantly adapting to new habitats and trying to fit in everywhere translated into some of his best qualities on the mat. (More MMA News)

“It was cool! It was a lot of travelling, so a lot of new schools, new friend groups, different cultures," recalls Font in his exclusive interview with Outlook. "I spent some time in Japan, Malaysia, Louisiana, New York, Florida; from the South to the North to the Far East. But, there was always something new to learn, you know, like different sports. I dabbled in a lot of different sports, Baseball, Football (American), Basketball, Soccer - it was one of those things that whatever the kids did in that state or the area, I was trying. I did in-line skating, BMX, bikes, and skateboarding, I even tried to hunt and fish when I was in Louisiana as much as possibly could! 

“Wherever I went, I wanted to try everything. I wasn’t afraid to look dumb or to keep trying until I got good; that helped me out a lot with martial arts, too. I have never been afraid to just fall flat on my face. I just get back up and try again and again and again." 

Traversing further down the memory lane, Font reminisces how his constantly moving around deprived him of a 'hometown' feel, to the end that the Massachussets native is still unsure whether he can call the state his home! 

“We were a strict family, but we were always meeting new people," he says. "We would be the new guys everywhere, trying to adapt to whatever the kids in the neighbourhood or the school were doing. I think I liked it, except for the part about always having to find new friends. There was never that hometown feel. Even now, I spent a lot of time in Florida for high school, middle school, and all that; but now I’ve been in Massachusetts longer than I was in Florida, so it is kinda like, what do I say, am I from Florida or am I from Massachusetts. 

“It’s funny, I was born in Massachusetts so it makes more sense to say Massachusetts but I didn’t get here till I was like 25!”

His family may have shifted base frequently, but the young Rob wasn't alone during these adventures. Flanking him were his older sister and his younger brother, two individuals that the mixed martial artist values immensely, loves dearly, and could not stop waxing lyrical about! 

“I have an older sister and a younger brother," Font explained. "Me and my sister were always close growing up; we would always pick on our little brother. I was always trying to follow what my sister was doing, my brother was trying to follow what I was doing. It was great growing up, we are still very close. My brother lives in Massachusetts now, my sister still lives in Florida; they come for as many fights as they possibly can. 


“My sister was really into music; she loved music, she would go to every concert; she had a huge CD collection and was a huge Backstreet Boys fan. She is awesome. With my brother, it was the same thing as me, he dabbled in as many sports as possible. He’s actually pretty good at jiu-jitsu and boxing. He owns a lot of pads. He doesn’t necessarily want to fight, but he helps train people as much as possible. He has done a couple of jiu-jitsu tournaments; he’s getting really good! 

“Yeah, they are awesome; I love them, you know. Yeah man, it was always fun growing up with them.” 

Font's family will be in Austin, Texas, on December 2, Saturday, to witness him go punch-to-punch and kick-to-kick against the renowned Deiveson Figueiredo. Font speaks highly of the former two-time UFC Flyweight Champion, but is prepared for whatever he might throw his way. 

“Ah man, this guy is a savage. Ex-champion," says Font. "Feels like him and (Brandon) Moreno have been going at it for the last couple of years. He’s been in there with some of the best guys around: (Joseph) Benavidez, Moreno, all the top guys. He’s been in there at 125 lbs; I gotta assume that it is gotta be hard to make 125 for any man, any grown man. It’s gotta be hard to make that weight. 

“He’s coming up. But, this is the fight we asked for, this is the fight we want. He’s an ex-champion, big name, tough fighter, that Brazilian warrior fighting style - just wants to come out there and bring it, great grappling, great striking. Just another tough fight.” 


Whether he wins or losses, Font, at the end of the night, will retire to his domicile for, perhaps, his most profound interaction of the night, one with his newborn daughter! Quizzed how his daughter's birth in 2022 has affected his outlook toward his combat career, the Massachusetts-born globe-trotter says that her presence in his life is pushing him to be a better individual - inside and outside the cage. 

“I think it helped," claims Font. "It helps with the bad days, the rough days of conditioning when I am super tired, on the days I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in sparring. Obviously after a loss or something like that. But, you come home and you see her, see her smiling, you hear her, and you quickly forget about those bad days, those losses, those rough, strict conditioning sessions which make you super tired. 

“I get home and I’m just energised (seeing her); I am in the moment. I could easily just toss my phone aside and be all there with her. And obviously, it gives me something more to fight for! It’s not just me and my fiancee any more. There’s a little one watching and I try to believe that she’s always watching me. It helps me do that extra rep, or stay in a little bit longer, and push as hard as possible. Not that I wasn’t already, but now there’s that extra push. 

“I get to be kind of a role model now, so I want to do my best at everything I can, even outside the cage. She’s pushing me to level up and become a man, you know.” 


The converstaion concluded, Font leaves a parting message for his fans in India, one which drips confidence and whets the apetite for what promises to be a great bout between two superb athletes. 

“Guys, tune in, this is going to be another great fight," he promises. "I bring nothing but exciting fights. And I plan on knocking out Deiveson Figueiredo!” 

UFC Fight Night: The UFC returns to Austin, Texas (USA) for the first time since June 2022. Beneil Dariush vs Arman Tsarukyan will be telecast live on Sony Sports Network in India on December 3, 2023, 5:30 AM IST onwards, on Sony Sports Ten 2 SD & HD, Sony Sports Ten 3 SD & HD (Hindi), Sony Sports Ten 4 SD & HD (Tamil & Telugu) channels and will be available to live stream on Sony LIV.

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