A Healthy Diet To Ensure A Best Exam Day

From vegetables to nuts, here are some of the food suggestions that will come to your rescue for future examination days

A Healthy Diet To Ensure A Best Exam Day

Although the Government has cancelled the board exams for Class 10 for CBSE and has postponed the board examinations for class 12, given the rise in COVID-19 cases, here are some healthy food suggestions that will come to the rescue for your upcoming exam days. Students often make a common mistake to binge eat junk food like chocolates, chips, energy drinks in order to “keep the energy levels high”, however, this is not only harmful to your long-term health, but can also negatively affect your exam performance.

Let us look at some food suggestions to ensure you are at your best on the exam day.

  • Fresh Vegetables

Green leafy veggies are best for the brain as they contain essentials like, iron, protein, fiber and calcium that are needed to improve concentration. In fact, having them raw is the best way to acquire maximum nutritional benefits.

Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts

Root Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, yams etc.

Spinach: Since, this leafy veggie is loaded with folic acid; it helps in preventing memory loss.

  • Dry fruits and seeds

Go nuts for these - almonds, pistachios, walnuts and other seeds - during your exams! From increasing mental clarity and memory power to reducing insomnia, dry fruits/nuts help you with everything.

  • Fish

Loaded with Omega-3 oils and proteins, fish can be digested easily and helps your brain to function well. Be it fresh or canned, fish, should top the list of 'foods to have' during an exam.

  • Fruits

High on fiber and natural sugar, fruits are a must-have and prove to be the best for you during your exams. There are many options to eat from like; apples, which help in improving study habits and academic performance, bananas giving you satiety. Cherries too are high in dietary fiber and contain antioxidants that helps in boosting your immune system besides keeping you awake and alert. Oranges are to keep you happy and even protect you from illness such as cold due to its high Vitamin C content.

  • Eggs

One of the most versatile food item, eggs, poached, boiled, fried or scrambled, are good and healthy in all forms. Rich in proteins, eggs are of vital importance when it comes to improving your memory function. Moreover, choline in eggs helps your brain stay alert for a longer time.

  • Herbal tea / non-caffeinated green tea

An herbal infusion or green tea during exams helps to ward off mental fatigue. If you are a night owl, this is your go-to drink. It is loaded with a bitter tasting ingredient called polyphenol which help in boosting energy and transmitting signals of ‘reward’ and ‘motivation’ to the brain.

  • Water

Water helps to keep your body hydrated along with keeping your brain healthy. For increasing the transportation of oxygen to all tissues of the body, water is considered as the best medium. It is due to this process that our brain starts functioning in a better way and becomes more alert. On an average, students should keep on drinking water after every one to two hours in between the study sessions.

  • Whole grains

These complex un-refined carbohydrates are digested slowly and steadily. Not only will they improve your brainpower but will also help you to study for an extended period of time. Whole grains contain fibers, vitamins, and even Omega-3 which is excellent for improving blood circulation. Whole grains like wheat, oatmeal, barley, maize also help in building concentration.

(The author is a lifestyle coach and diet counselor. She tweets @Bipasha1sugati)