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CSGO500 Voucher & Promo Code “TOP100LIST” + Full Review

CSGO500 is the place to be if you love gambling CS:GO skins! Read our review to find out why one of the oldest CS:GO gambling websites remains so popular today.

CSGO500 Voucher & Promo code

CSGO500 markets itself as the premier CSGO skin gambling platform, but is CSGO500 legit? Read through our review of one of the most popular skin trading platforms and grab yourself a free CSGO500 promo code “TOP100LIST” while you’re at it since you can unlock some sweet free cases with it. CSGO500 is one of the oldest gambling sites to date. 

Although it had to rebrand itself to 500 Casino ever since Valve decided to take action against the emerging CSGO gambling sites, that hasn’t changed any of the practices carried out on the platform.

Latest CSGO500 or 500.Casino Codes and Bonus Offers 


CSGO500 Code

Bonus & Welcome Offer

500.Casino Voucher Code


100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins

500.Casino Deposit Bonus


100% deposit bonus up to $1k

CSGO500 Sign Up Bonus


100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins

CSGO500 Free Coins


up to 50 free spins

CSGO500 Free Cases


up to 50 free cases

CSGO500 Promo Codes List 

Now that you have these codes in hand, if you’re unsure as to how to use them, keep reading as we’ll explain that shortly!

How To Use CSGO500 Promo Code?

Learn how to use any CSGO500 promo code through these quick and easy steps!

  1. Register on by connecting your Steam account

  2. Click the Rewards tab under the profile menu

  3. Go to the Redeem a Referral Code section

  4. Enter the CSGO500 referral code “TOP100LIST” and click Claim

  5. You’ll be rewarded with a 100% deposit bonus on up to $1k and 50 free spins


Benefits Of CSGO500 Promo Codes

Every CSGO500 promo code can come with various rewards. Almost every CSGO500 promo code rewards players with free coins in the form of Bux - CSGO500s virtual currency. With the promo codes above, you can get a deposit bonus of 100% on a deposit up to $1000, along with 50 free spins, which can dish free cases worth up to $1640.

What Is The Difference Between Promo And Referral Codes on CSGO500?

CSGO500 sign-up bonuses can be availed through both a CSGO500 promo code and a CSGO500 referral code. However, a CSGO500 referral code is for one-time use only which gives a fixed reward upon sign-up. On the other hand, a CSGO500 Promo code can give you a lot more rewards since different codes are released over time. So, if you follow CSGO500 on their social media platforms, you can cash in on some fun promo codes that land you plenty of free cases, free coins and other rewards. Casino Overview

The CSGO500 website offers a simple yet exciting gaming experience with a growing selection of games. It focuses on providing a handful of engaging game options that cater to all players. CSGO500  games are split into three categories - Sportsbook, 500 Classic, and Casino.

500 Classic consists of all your traditional CSGO gambling games. These games include CS:GO Roulette, 1 vs 1 duels (also known as duels), and Crash. While the website also expands and introduces new games and opportunities, the vast majority of players are mostly interested in roulette games and case duels.


CS:GO as a game has become increasingly popular, which is why betting has risen as a thrilling form of entertainment. It offers CSGO enthusiasts a unique way to immerse themselves in the widely spectated CS matches while adding an extra layer of anticipation through betting on the outcomes. And if luck is on their side, you might even walk away with a handsome profit as well as the excitement of having your team win.


CSGO500 Roulette

Roulette is the oldest and most popular game on the CSGO500 website. However, it offers a unique variation compared to traditional roulette by introducing four different colors instead of the two usual ones.

The rarity of each color on the roulette wheel is determined by the multiplier value. For example, the yellow square offers the largest multiplier, but there’s only one yellow on the entire roulette wheel. As a result, the yellow square is extremely rare and stands out with the highest multiplier, while the other colors have different probabilities of appearing.

When you win a bet with a specific multiplier, you earn more "Bux," the in-game virtual currency. For example, placing a bet of 100 Bux on the blue field and winning will give you a 5x multiplier on your bet. Similarly, betting 100 Bux on yellow gives you a chance to win up to a whopping 50x multiplier on your wagered Bux!


If you're looking for a different kind of challenge and want to join a direct duel with another player, CSGO500 offers special rooms for a 1 v 1 duel. In these duels, you place your desired bet and select one of the two colors on the roulette wheel. The player who correctly predicts the winning color takes the entire pot as their prize. There’s no secret to how to win, it’s all luck! However, the chances of winning are often higher compared to classic roulette as the house edge is eliminated.

These one-on-one duels on CSGO500 are gaining popularity and sometimes even surpass the standard version of roulette in terms of player preference. The size of the prize pool in these duels depends on the player who creates the room. By joining their room, you agree to the rate they have set in advance.


Looking for a quick way to increase your capital? On CSGO500, players have the opportunity to multiply their Bux by placing bets that are then multiplied by a factor already displayed on the screen.

As you participate, you'll notice a graph representing the winning rate steadily increasing. However, be cautious, as it can abruptly crash at any moment, leading to a loss. If a player manages to withdraw their bet before the crash occurs, they can win a multiplied pot based on the coefficient on the screen. On the other hand, if they make the wrong prediction, they will lose all their wagered capital.

These gameplay mechanics are unique and intriguing methods to win big on CSGO500. It offers a thrilling and potentially lucrative alternative to traditional casino games and is quickly becoming a favored option amongst CSGO500 enthusiasts.


Is CSGO500 legit?

Yes, CSGO500 operates under a provably fair algorithm for its Slots and Crash games. All bets have a fixed chance of winning or losing, which is predetermined through RNG and cannot be bypassed through any means. 

Our review of the platform found no evidence of any malicious activity or illegitimate practices. Additionally, more than 80% of CSGO500s reviews on TrustPilot are 5 stars - if that doesn’t tell you about their satisfied consumer base then nothing will.

Pros and Cons of

Of course, like all online gambling platforms, CSGO500 comes with its own list of pros and cons


  • Easy to use

  • Provably Fair

  • Large player pool, ensuring liquidity

  • Additional bonuses for following their social media

  • Simple withdrawal and deposit systems


  • Poorly translated interface

  • Only a small number of games are available

Main Promotions & Bonuses

CSGO500 frequently releases exclusive promo codes on their social media platforms. It also rewards players for following them on social media, giving them a chance to win free Bux every day. Aside from the main benefits you get from the top100list promo code, you can also get

  • Free Welcome Coins

  • 100% Deposit Bonus

  • Free Spins

  • Daily Free Coins

  • Free Skins

  • Gift Card

If you’re looking for more easy ways to get some XP, you can get 10,000 XP each for simply linking up your socials (Twitter, Discord, Google) and enabling notifications. Lastly, don’t forget to check out CSGO500’s most popular promotions right now: Temple of Torment and 500 Exclusive.

Temple Of Torment

The Temple Of Torment is a relatively new game released by Hacksaw Gaming, but it’s quickly gained traction over the last few weeks. This new title lets 20 players share a massive prize pool of $5000, and all you have to do to qualify is wager a minimum bet of $0.1!

The 20 players with the biggest multiplier end up winning cash prizes. The catch is that only the money you’ve wagered on 500 Casino slots contributes to your multiplier, and your multiplier has to be at least 20x in order to be eligible. 

500 Exclusive

500 Exclusive is the perfect promotion for sportsbook enthusiasts. If you regularly place wagers on your favorite esports team, then you can profit massively through CSGO500’s exclusive promotion. 

Here, you get a chance to win $1000 by placing combo bets on two or more sports teams. Players who win combo bets with the biggest multipliers end up winning the reward. The minimum amount you have to bet is just $10, so if you think you’ve got a good read on sportsbook outcomes, definitely check out 500 Exclusive. 

Customer Support 

CSGO500 has an extremely cooperative customer support staff, which diligently works around the clock to make sure your queries are heard and responded to. You can talk to CSGO500 support through multiple channels, such as their live chat or by emailing


While the CSGO500 portal has its drawbacks, such as a limited selection of games and subpar website translation, it compensates for these issues with its engaging CS:GO roulette games and an extensive selection of rare skins that can be exchanged for Bux.

We believe that many players will enjoy CSGO500's selections. The platform provides an exciting opportunity to acquire unique skins quickly while delivering exciting entertainment for long hours of gameplay.

The user-friendly login system and positive feedback from online communities further solidify the platform's image. And let's remember the CSGO500 promo code we mentioned: a generous 100% deposit bonus of up to $1,000, along with 50 free spins as a starting bonus when using the code top100list!

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What is the code for the 500 Casino?

You can use the code top100list for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1k and 50 free spins. Simply register on and type in your CSGO500 promo code. You’ll have to meet certain terms and conditions to avail the complete rewards.

Is CSGO500 legit?

Yes, CSGO500 has been around since 2016 and has thousands of users logging on every day. The platform operates off a provably fair algorithm, ensuring that the odds of any player winning are fixed through RNG before the game starts.

How to use CSGO500 promo code?

Here’s how you can use a CSGO500 promo code:

  1. Register on 500Play using your Email, or link your Steam, Facebook, or Google account to it.

  2. Go to the Rewards tab.

  3. Enter your CSGO500 promo code - “top100list” in the Redeem Referral Code option and enjoy your reward!

Disclaimer: The above is a contributor post, the views expressed are those of the contributor and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.