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Stake Promo Codes 2024: Enter “Hella100” Now For A 100% Deposit Bonus + 5% Rakeback

Continue reading to learn how you can use the Stake promo code “Hella100” and receive unique rewards and bonuses.

Stake Promo Codes 2024

Overview Of Stake.com

Stake.com is one of the leading websites in the casino industry and as such it provides its users with a great selection of games and numerous ways to earn unique rewards and bonuses which are made even sweeter if you use a stake bonus code. Read further into our review to learn more about this and how you can use the Stake promo code to receive a plethora of special prizes and bonuses.

Latest Stake Codes and Bonus Offers 

ProductStake.com CodeBonus & Welcome Offer
Stake.com CasinoHELLAGOOD5% rakeback
Stake.com SportsbookHELLA100100% deposit bonus
Stake.us Code (USA users)HellaUSA1 Stake cash + 10,000 gold coins + 5% rakeback
Stake.com Code (Brazil users)HellaBR200% deposit bonus of up to R$2,500
Stake Bitcoin BonusHELLA100100% deposit bonus
Stake.com Code (Canada users)HELLAGOOD5% rakeback
Stake Bonus Drop Code (Exclusive!)Hellafree$1 free for all users

Stake.com Codes in 2024:

Only for players located in Brazil. 

How to activate your Stake bonus code?

Activating your Stake bonus code is a relatively simple task. Just follow our guide below and you should be enjoying your rewards in no time.

Step 1: To use your promo code, you will need to create an account so head over to the Stake.com website and click on the register button in the top right corner. 


Stake.com website

Step 2: Fill out the form with your basic information such as name, email, etc. and click “Continue”. If you already have your promo code, you can check the “Code” box and type in your code - “Hella100” to automatically redeem it when creating your account. Otherwise, just leave the option unchecked. Afterward, you will be asked to provide your ID. 


Step 3: Once you have created your account, head over to your profile page by clicking the “Profile” icon in the top right corner. This will open a drop-down menu with a bunch of options.


Step 4: Select “Settings” in the drop-down menu. 


Step 5: On the left side of the screen, click on “Offers”


Step 6: Enter your promo code such as “hellagood” in the designated text box and click on the green “Submit” button. It is worth noting that welcome offers can only be redeemed 24 hours after signing up to the website.


Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed your promo code. Enjoy your rewards.

Benefits of the Stake Bonus Codes

Most gambling websites out there provide players with referral codes and promo codes that they can redeem in order to receive numerous rewards and special benefits such as more rakeback, bigger deposit bonuses, free 7 dollars in cryptocurrency, and various other offers. 

Stake.com does this by providing its users with a Stake welcome offer as well as an option to redeem a special Stake casino promo code. In practice, these stake promo codes are a great way to attract new players to the website, as well as show appreciation to old veterans who have been faithful users of the website's services for a long time. 

Below, you will find a list of Stake casino promo codes and stake bonus drop codes which you can use to receive various bonuses and rewards. 

  • hellagood – Utilize this promo code now to receive multiple offers + 5% rakeback
  • HellaUSA - Use this code to receive 1 Stake cash + 10,000 gold coins + 5% rakeback. Only for players located in the USA. This code also requires phone verification.
  • Hella100 – Activate this promo code now to earn a 100% deposit bonus + multiple offers + 5% rakeback
  • hellafree – Use this promo code to get multiple offers + $1 free for all users who have completed KYC2
  • hellaa – Make use of this promo code and get multiple offers + 5% rakeback
  • gamble-csgo – Activate this code to enjoy multiple offers
  • infotoplist – Use this promo code now to be given multiple offers
  • hellamarketing – Make use of this promo code now to gain multiple offers
  • HellaBR – Activate this promo code and receive a 200% bonus on your first deposit. Only for players located in Brazil. 

What Are The Requirements for Using Stake Promo Code

If you wish to redeem your Stake code, you have to meet a few requirements. Fortunately, these are not hard to meet and almost everyone can easily meet these criteria. We have outlined the list of simple requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to use Stake promo codes.

  • Register to the Website - This one should be fairly obvious. In order to redeem a Stake code, you will need to have a registered account on the website. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free by simply filling out a form on the website. 
  • Have a valid promo code - This one is pretty self-explanatory. In order to use a promo code on the website, you need to make sure that the code itself is valid. Promo codes provided by the official social media of Stake.com are a great way to ensure that your code is valid and up to date.
  • Know where and how to use your promo code - Now that you are registered and have obtained a valid promo code, all that is left to do is use it on the website. To do this, you will need to know where and how to redeem it. If you are unsure, you can check out our guide section above for instructions. 
  • Meet the conditions of the promo code - Each promo code comes with its own set of rules and requirements. Some codes require a KYC2 verification, others can only be redeemed within the first 24 hours of creating an account, etc. Make sure that you have read them and that you fulfill all of the requirements prior to using the code. 

Are Stake Promo Codes Legit?

All promo codes published on Stake’s official website or posted through their official social media are legitimate. However, it is worth noting that there are fraudulent websites out there that may attempt to scam users by posting fake promo codes. 

You can tell whether a promo code is legit or not by checking if it fulfills the following requirements.

  • Expiration date - Make sure that the promo code has not expired. Most promo codes have an expiration date, so if a website claims that a specific code is viable at all times, it is likely fake. 
  • Terms and conditions - Each promo code comes with its own terms and conditions which are presented clearly with realistic requirements. 
  • Personal Information - Legitimate promo codes will never require you to share any personal information. 
  • Reviews - You can always check reviews for a specific promo code on Stake’s social media communities and see whether any of the users have had an unpleasant experience with it. 

Stake.com is a legitimate legal gambling website that operates under the license of Curacao. The website was founded back in 2017 and is currently one of the leading websites within the gambling industry. 

Stake provides services for thousands of users on a daily basis which attests to its legitimacy. This is further collaborated by numerous positive user reviews from reputable sources such as Trustpilot.com.  

Stake Canada Codes

Stake.com is available to players based in Canada and using a Canada code is no different than using any other promo code. Simply follow our guide above and use the “Hella100” promo code to receive a 200% deposit bonus of up to $1000.

Stake.com No deposit Bonuses For Free Cash

Use the code HELLAFREE to receive $1 for free on the popular slot games, like “Book of Dead”. You have the chance to win big on any of these slots, resulting in huge cash payouts. Additionally, the code “HELLA100” also gives a 100% deposit bonus on deposits up to 1 BTC.

How to Use the Stake No Deposit Promo Code

You’ll have to use the No Deposit bonus in the same way you use regular promo and referral codes on Stake.com.

  1. Click on the Accounts tab on your profile.
  2. Go to Settings and then Offers.
  3. Type in your code using the code redeem feature. For the No Deposit bonus, use code HELLAFREE.
  4. Receive your award of $1 for free.

What Is The Difference Between Stake.com Casino And Stake.us Social Casino

Stake.com is a general online casino platform where you'll get to enjoy the captivating thrill of a live casino experience while having the opportunity to bet and win real money. You can dive into the world of gambling and try your luck with actual currency without leaving the comforts of your own home. Stake.com boasts a wide variety of live dealer games, which is as close as it can get to a live, on-land casino

In contrast, Stake.us is a social casino that operates differently. It focuses more on providing a recreational and entertaining experience rather than purely being about gambling. The main distinction is that when you play at Stake.us, you're not risking actual money. Instead, you use virtual currency to place your bets. Both kinds of casinos have their own pros and cons and cater to different kinds of players. 

Does Stake.com Work For Mobile Devices?

Stake.com is easily compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices. To use Stake.com on mobile, simply log into your profile or register with a new email if you haven’t already made an account. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use the same profile you use on all other devices, as multi-accounting isn’t allowed on Stake.com

Like most online casinos, there’s no dedicated mobile application for Stake, you’ll have to with the browser version. Don’t worry, though, the web browser version of Stake.com works just as well as the mobile application. The only problem you may encounter is hitting the wrong button on smaller screens!

Live Streams On Stake.com

Stake.com Live Streams are a unique feature that allows users to tune in and watch their favorite sports/e-sports team play it out. Stake.com regularly hosts streams where they feature matches between the most bet-on teams. These games include:

  • ESL CSGO Matches
  • ESL Dota 2 Matches
  • ESL League Of Legends Matches
  • TT-Cup

You can bet on these games beforehand or even place a wager on live games. Watch the action unfold on Sakes live streams and live in the moment for those adrenaline-inducing clutches.

You can also check out Streams of Stake affiliated partners, where they’ll showcase Satkes casino games. If you’re lucky, you might just bump across a neat promo code drop, completely exclusive for live-stream viewers.

Stake.com Sponsorships

If you’re still on the fence about whether Stake’s legit or not, just take a look at all programmes it’s affiliated with. Stake has a diverse array of sponsorships, but here are a few of its most notable ones: 

  • Drake
  • UFC
  • Kun Aguero (Argentinian soccer star)
  • Everton Football Club
  • Alfa Romeo F1 team
  • Popular Twitch Streamers (xQc, TrainwrecksTV, etc)

VPN for Stake: How To Choose And Why

You might run into a situation where you can’t access Stake.com through your local Internet Service Provider. In that case, it’s good to keep a VPN handy so that you can log onto Stake.com from anywhere in the world. We don’t have any suggestions as to which exact VPN brand you should subscribe to, but here are a few tips that’ll come in handy when deciding which one to use.

  • If you want to visit Stake.com, try using a VPN which gives you IPs from any of the following countries: Argentina, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Stake.com is also available in other countries, but these are the most reliable ones.
  • If you want to visit Stake.us, you’ll need to use a VPN which offers USA IP addresses. That’s because Stake.us only allows USA residents to access its full features.

How To Gamble On Stake.com?

To begin your exciting journey at Stake.com, you'll first need to create a Stake.com profile. Don't worry, the process is simple and straightforward. Just follow these easy steps, and you'll be ready to dive into the action:

  1. Visit the Stake.com Homepage and find the blue "Join" button in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on the button, and you'll be directed to a form where you must provide a few personal details. Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  3. Open the email and click the confirmation link to verify your email address. This step ensures the security and eligibility of your account.
  4. Next, you must confirm your identity by uploading the required ID documents. This is an important step to comply with the necessary regulations and ensure a safe and fair gambling environment.
  5. Once your identity is verified, it's time to make a deposit. This will vary from country to country. If you're in the UK, you can use a VISA or Mastercard debit card for your payment. The deposit amount should be between £10 and £2000. This will be converted into Stake balance that you can use on any game.
  6. Use the code HELLA100 to get a 100% deposit bonus and 5% rakeback upon signup.

By following these steps, you'll swiftly set up your Stake.com profile and be ready to embark on an exciting playing experience. Get ready for endless entertainment and the chance to win big!

Main Promotions & Bonuses

Stake features a large number of promotions that are active at any given point in time. Each promotion comes with its own set of rules and requirements and offers players unique rewards should they choose to participate and win. 

Main Promotions & Bonuses

Stake’s Weekly Giveaway

Wager $1000 in exchange for a ticket and a chance to receive a huge payout. Every week, 15 players are drawn to share a prize pool of $75000. 

Stake’s Daily Races

Place a bet and race against other players for a chance to win between $5000 and $10000. The top 5000 players will receive a unique reward every day. 

Chaos Collector

This promotion tasks you with playing a Chaos Crew slot game and lets you collect chaos symbols. The more symbols you collect the higher the winnings. A prize pool of $10000 is split among 50 players with the leader receiving $2000. 

The Return of the King $7000

This promotion is only available to VIP players. The aim of the game is to obtain the highest multiplier on any spin which is decided by how many wild symbols and free spins the player gets on the reels. The top 10 players will receive a share of the $7000 prize pool.

Conquer the Casino!

Conquer The Casino gives players the perfect opportunity to step into the world of Stake Casino games and grab the opportunity to win one of their incredible prizes. Every week, there's a whopping $50,000 prize pool up for grabs, giving everyone a chance to be a winner. Indulge in the exciting Conquer the Casino games, where you can climb the ranks and claim amazing prizes on both the Big Wins and Lucky Win's leaderboards.

The Big Wins Leaderboard showcases the highest payout of the week, celebrating those lucky players and the moments when fortune smiles on them. On the other hand, the Lucky Wins leaderboard highlights the players who had the highest multipliers during the week. 

Whether you aim to conquer the Big Wins or reach for the stars with Lucky Wins, each leaderboard presents an exciting opportunity to earn incredible prizes and claim bragging rights. Get ready to experience the excitement and anticipation of Stake Casino games and set your sights on their lucrative prizes.

Stake vs. Eddie

Stake vs. Eddie is one of Stake.com’s most popular promotions, but that’s only because the players seem to love it so much. Every week, Stake gives you a chance to grab a share of $30,000 by competing against Eddie. 

The promotion features a new game every week, and your goal is to get a bigger multiplier than Eddie in order to join that list of winners. Be warned, these multipliers can often climb beyond 1000x, and it’ll take quite a lot of dedication and luck in order to rack up such massive multipliers.

You can also take part in some of the challenges of risk-free prop bets. Each week, a game is either decided via a poll or chosen by Eddie himself. If you manage to guess which game will be selected before the poll is run, you’ll get a chance at winning a neat reward. The winners of these challenges are declared on Twitter, so make sure you’re following Stake’s social media channels!

The Level Up

Want to take things up a notch? Try reaching the target multipliers for five games instead. That’s right, in Stakes ‘The Level Up’ promotion, you have to play five different games and reach their target multiplier in order to qualify for the $20,000 prize pool.

However, these multipliers are relatively smaller than what you’ll see in other promotions, often never crossing the 200x mark. If you’re a regular visitor to these games and hit a few lucky spins, you’ll eventually qualify for the prize. Bear in mind there’ll be a different set of games each week, so keep your eye out for your favorite games. 

Stake Telegram Challenges

Join the party by becoming a member of Stakes' official Telegram Channel, Stake.com - Live Challenge. When the daily game begins, head straight to the Challenges room and get ready to participate. All the information you need, including the starting time of the Telegram challenge, the enticing prizes up for grabs, the number of winners, and of course, the details of the current live challenge, will be regularly posted on Stake's official Telegram channel.

To enter the challenge, simply complete the live challenge that is posted on Telegram. Once you have a winning bet ID, make sure to share it in the challenges chat room on Stake.com. Remember, having a verified account not only gives you additional benefits but also opens the possibility of yielding bigger rewards.

Pragmatic Drops & Wins

Get ready to be rewarded for your love of Pragmatic's fun selection of slots and live games on Stake! Pragmatic gives back to its game's loyal players by distributing a prize pool of $2,500,000 in random drops every month exclusively for Pragmatic players!  Additionally, you now have a chance to win these exciting Drops & Wins not only on their popular slot games but also on their live casino games!

So dive into the excitement as you play Pragmatic's eligible games and stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enjoy Pragmatic's top-notch entertainment while having the chance to win big at Stake!

Casino Challenges

Stake.com has an incredible treat in store for players who love their Casino games - a diverse collection of Casino Challenges designed to keep you entertained. These enticing challenges will put your betting strategies to the test as you’re demanded to fulfill specific objectives in multiple casino games. To succeed in the Casino Challenges, you'll need to be strategic and choose the slots that offer enticing additional rewards.

What do you need to do in order to win? Simply complete the challenges on a game to win the cash prize attached to it. These tasks will change every week, so stay on the lookout for your favourite games! Take your time to explore the wide array of games featured in the Casino Challenges. With so many options available, you can select the ones that align perfectly with your personal preferences and gaming style!

UFC Split Decision Insurance

A unique promotion for UFC enthusiasts - here's a fantastic chance to improve your odds on your UFC wagers. Simply place a bet on the Winner markets of any UFC match, and even if your prediction loses by split decision, Stake has your back. You'll receive a refund of your stake through our special offer, mitigating a large fraction of the house edge.

Let's go over the important details you should know. This offer only applies to pre-match, single bets on the WINNER markets exclusively. It's valid for your first qualifying bet per customer per match. In order to participate, your minimum bet amount should be $5 USD, and the maximum refund you can receive is $250 USD. If, according to the official UFC results, your chosen fighter loses by split decision, your original stake will be credited back to you.

Keep in mind that cashed-out or voided bets are not eligible for a refund. This promotion is exclusive to UFC fights, and the matches from Dana White Contender Series are not included. It's important to note that betting on either fighter in related markets will be reviewed and may result in disqualification from the promotion.

These are just some of the most popular promotions on the website. Head over to the Stake.com promotions tab to see all of the active promotions and challenges. 

Stake.com Casino Games Review


The online casino is a feature that offers the player a chance to participate in numerous casino games such as Video Poker, Blackjack, and many more. 


Crash is a game of chance where players place their bets and a graph starts climbing up to a certain point where it will eventually crash. The goal of the game is to guess where the graph will crash and bet as close to the crashing point as possible for a maximum payout. 


Dice is a game of chance where the player sets a specific number and then tries to roll higher than the set number. The higher the number is set, the bigger the winnings.


Plinko is a game of chance in which a coin is dropped and has its downward path determined by hitting the randomly placed begs on its way down. The player gets to choose the risk factor as well as the number of rows before trying to guess in which pocket the coin will land. 


Roulette is a popular game of chance commonly found in both online and real casinos. The aim of it is for players to try and guess correctly where the ball will land when both the ball and the wheel stop spinning. 


 A game of chance in which the player chooses the number of gems and mines which are then randomly placed over a grid. The goal of the game is to reveal all gems while trying not to land on a mine. 


A simple game of chance in which players flip a coin and bet whether it lands on heads or tails. 

Roulette Multiplayer

A regular game of roulette that is played with other players


Blackjack is a casino banking game and one of the most popular casino games in the world. 

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Stake.com offers its users a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. As a predominantly cryptocurrency casino, Stake accepts most of the popular cryptocurrencies as both deposit and withdrawal methods. However, it also accepts a few fiat currencies as well. Below is a list of all available deposit and withdrawal methods. 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • EOS.io (EOS)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • ApeCoin (APE)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • Cronos (CRO)
  • Dai (DAI)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Sandbox (SAND)
  • Shiba Inu coin (SHIB)
  • Uniswap (UNI)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Matic (MATIC)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Indian Rupee (INR)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • BRL (Brazilian Real)
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)


If there is one thing where Stake shines, it is its customer support department as the website offers a variety of options for all players who for one reason or another find themselves with an issue on their hands. 

Like most similar websites, Stake features an FAQ section that allows players to inform themselves about some of the most common issues that others have encountered when playing games or otherwise using the website. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for within the FAQ section, you can expand your search to the wide collection of articles dedicated to specific topics that users may find useful when encountering a specific issue. The articles are extremely easy to navigate and cover an extensive list of topics.

Lastly, if all else fails, you can always contact Stake’s customer support via direct message. The friendly customer support representative will be there to assist you as soon as possible and provide you with all the information you need to solve the issue. 

If you want, you can also contact customer support by sending an email to support@stake.com . However, it is worth noting that the live chat option is available 24/7, and is usually a lot faster to receive help via that method.  


Overall, Stake is an excellent cryptocurrency gambling website that provides a wide variety of games and services as well as a huge selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. All of the games are fun to play as well as fair, and customer support is always available should you need any assistance. 

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How do you get a free bonus on Stake?

To get a free bonus on Stake.com, all you need to do is redeem one of the promo codes such as “hellaa” and “hellafree”.

How to use the Canada promo code?

Since Stake.com is available in Canada, using the Canada promo code is no different than using any other promo code. Simply follow our guide below and type in your Canada promo code such as “Hella100” and claim your rewards. 

  1. Step 1: Register your account by heading to the Stake website and clicking on the register button.
  2. Step 2: Fill out the form with your personal information such as username, email, etc.
  3. Step 3: Verify your account by providing a valid form of ID. 
  4. Step 4: If you already have your code, like “Hella100”, you can redeem it during the account creation process. If you wish to use your code at a different time, you can do so by going to your “Profile” page in the top right corner. 
  5. Step 5: Click on the “Settings” tab and head to the “Offers” section.
  6. Step 6: Enter your referral code - “Hella100” into the designated field and click “Submit”.

Congratulations, you have successfully used your referral code. Enjoy your bonuses.

Does Stake have promo codes?

Yes, Stake provides a variety of different promo codes which players can use such as “hellagood” and “Hella100”. Additionally, Stake provides players with its own referral program as well as the welcome bonus which can only be claimed within the first 24 hours of registering an account. 

How do I get a Stake welcome offer?

In order to receive the Stake welcome offer, new players need to use the feature located under Account>Settings>Offers. Once there, they can enter their affiliate referral code into the designated area and claim their rewards. Please keep in mind that the welcome offer can only be claimed within the first 24 hours after the creation of the account. 

  • Register your account by going to the website and clicking on the register button.
  • Fill out the form with your personal information such as username, email, etc.
  • Verify your account by providing a valid form of ID. 
  • If you already have your code (“hellagood”), you can redeem it during the account creation process.
  • If you plan on using your code later, you can do so by going to your “Profile” page in the top right corner. 
  • Locate the “Settings” tab and click on it.
  • Go to the “Offers” section.
  • Enter your code such as “hellagood” into the designated field and click “Submit”Congratulations, you have successfully used your promo code. Enjoy your rewards.

Does Stake have no deposit bonus?

Stake.com by itself doesn’t provide the user with a deposit bonus and neither do all of the promo codes. You can check out the official Stake social media to see what bonuses come with each of the promo codes.

How do I redeem a referral code on Stake?

Stake comes with its own affiliate system. The affiliate system allows players to create their referral links through which new players can join the website. The player will receive a percentage of funds based on the amount that the referrals are wagering as well as the games that they are playing. If you have obtained a referral code, you can redeem it under Account>Settings>Offers by entering it into the designated area. 

  • Register your account by heading to the Stake website and clicking on the register button.
  • Fill out the form with your personal information such as username, email, etc.
  • Verify your account by providing a valid form of ID. 
  • If you already have your code - “hella100”, you can redeem it during the account creation process.
  • If you wish to use your code at a different time, you can do so by going to your “Profile” page in the top right corner. 
  • Click on the “Settings” tab and head to the “Offers” section.
  • Enter your referral code - “hella100” into the designated field and click “Submit”

Congratulations, you have successfully used your referral code. Enjoy your bonuses.

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