Indian Astrologer Predicts World War 3 On This Date In June 2024

Indian astrologer, Kushal Kumar says he uses Vedic astrology to make his predictions and believes June 10, 18 or 29 could trigger World War.

Photo: AP

The ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the US and China, and Israel and Gaza have led to intense speculation and debate about the possibility of a third world war.

For years, people have speculated and debated about the possibility of another global war, while the horrors of the first two world wars still haunt many.

In the past, well-known astrologers like Nostradamus have made predictions about WW3. Now, a modern-day Indian astrologer, Kushal Kumar, has made a chilling prediction that has attracted a lot of attention on social media.

Despite many questioning the scientific basis of astrology, Kumar claims to have accurately predicted ongoing global tensions and wars, including those involving Israel and Hamas, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Russia's tensions with NATO.

Kumar says he uses Vedic astrology to make his predictions and believes June 10, 18 or 29 could trigger World War.

As per his prediction published on Medium, Kumar claimed, “WW3 or something comparable may likely break out during 2024. Sea will be the centre of operations mostly while some operations or places lesser in the estimates or reckoning, may grow operative in use.” According to the astrologer, “Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3 although 10 and 29 June may have a say as well.”

Kushal Kumar added: “2024 was predicted to be major worrisome in relation to war condition in hotspots across world, the month of May in 2024, particularly around 8 May, was indicated carrying highest escalation in such war fronts as Koreas, China-Taiwan, the Middle East involving Israel and others in the Middle East, and Ukraine-Russia, anger of NATO could also find expression. Some indications of related leaders or leaders in such regions having serious health concerns or resigning was also indicated.” 

Panchkula-based Kumar describes himself as an astrologer who predicts world events. And this is why the news has gone viral on social media. The claims come just days after UK officials launched a website advising citizens on how to prepare for a potential war.