Who Is Godman Jalebi Baba, Convicted For Raping Up To 120 Women And Sentenced To 14 Years In Jail?

Jalebi Baba also used to make videos of his acts and use those videos to blackmail victims, as per reports. Around 120 such videos were reportedly recovered.

The Un-Godman

A court in Haryana's Fatehabad sentenced self-styled godman Jalebi Baba for 14 years after convicting him for rape of several women. 

Jalebi Baba used to drug women and then rape them, according to reports, which add that he would also make videos of the act. The number of victims are said to be as high as 120. 

Jalebi Baba has been convicted under the various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), Indian Penal Code (IPC), and the IT Act. 

Here we tell you who is Jalebi Baba and what's known about his cases. 

Who is convicted godman Jalebi Baba?

Jalebi Baba, 63, is a self-styled godman who was based out of Haryana's Tohana town in Fatehabad district. 

Jalebi Baba is one of his aliases. His real name is Amarveer, reports Hindustan Times. He is also known as Amarpuri and Billu Ram. 

Jalebi Baba is originally from Mansa district in Punjab and arrived in Fatehabad at the age of 18, according to The Tribune, which adds that he began selling jalebis and that's how he acquired his name.

Over the years, Jalebi Baba acquired fame as a tantrik and claimed to relieve people off ghosts and offer magical remedies. Most of his followers were women.

The first case against Jalebi Baba emerged in 2018 when wife of one of his acquaintances alleged that he had raped her inside a temple, as per HT.

The investigations began in 2018 and Jalebi Baba was finally convicted earlier this month.

Jalebi Baba used to drug women, rape them: Reports

Jalebi Baba used to drug women to rape them. He would also make videos of the act.

India Today reported, "The accused used to drug the women who came to him to ask for help of some sort and rape them. He used to record the act and then used to blackmail them for money by threatening to make videos public."

The report said the police recovered 120 such clips when it began its investigation into the case. 

The Tribune reported, "The police raided his residence after registering the case and seized some intoxicating pills, VCR, and ash, which was reportedly used to befool women on pretext of providing them magical treatment."

HT lists the following charges under which Jalebi Baba has been convicted: 

  • Section 6 POSCO for raping a minor two times
  • 7-year jail each in two rape cases under Section 376-C of IPC 
  • 5-year jail under Section 67-A of the IT Act 

"He has been in jail for the last 4.5 years and will have to stay in jail for nine-and-a-half years. The accused Baba was acquitted in the Arms Act. Other details of the judgment will be revealed after seeing the copy of the order," said Sanjay Verma, counsel of the victims, as per HT.